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I was streaming through some other playlist today from my old computer and found a couple of artist I completely forgot about. This morning I went on youtube to see if they came out with new songs and boy, one vocalist caught my attention.

Ben Wu

I went into the rabbit hole of digging Bang Bang Tang aka Lollipop boy group and discovered a hidden gen. Ben Wu was the seventh member of Lollipop F, chosen from the spin-off Bang Bang Tang variety show. Due to his will to finish his studies, he left the group and didn't get to debut with Lollipop F. However, in 2014, he came back into the showbiz and released his first album The Best (最好的…?). Earlier this last month he came back with his second album Hide and Seek (捉迷藏) after filming for debuting in a drama, Love Cuisine. I'm really glad he didn't debut with the group because his vocal talent would be a waste.
The song above is from his first album titled, 'Don't Cry."
I thought the first album was amazing. His vocal was soft and I believe he's in a tenor range. He vibe reminds me of Korean artist, Se7en. I think with more practice he can display more color within his singing. Anyways, I just listened to his second album and it was AWESOME. It has a soft r&b genre.
The song above is the title track, Can't Let Go (不放手).
My second favorite song from the Hide & Seek album is Fearless Love (放手去愛) composed by JJ Lin! It suits Ben's voice very well and show off his clear vocal.
Last song I'll introduce is called Short Distance (近距離‬) produced by Jeffrey Kung. It has a retro feel to it and a different style than his previous tracks.
Let me know what you guys think!
@szewwy Glad you enjoyed it!!! 😀 Btw, haven't see you around for a while. Hope you're doing ok!!
Awesome songs!
@StephanieDuong I know! When I heard him sang this first sentence I knew I'll like his voice.
OMG! His voice is beautiful! I'm gonna have to look into him more. Thank you for posting! :D