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WARNING: Adult Situations
You thought furniture shopping would be easy; you are an interior designer after all. However, unlike most men that don’t care, Kyungil insisted on having a say and footing half the bill.
“Our furniture.”
“My apartment.”
“On the lease only right? Are you telling me you don’t want me to move in?” He puts the lamp he was looking at down and turns to look you in the eye.
You fling your head back and roll your eyes. “Why are you being so nitpicky? Yes, my apartment because it came with the job. OUR apartment because we’ll be living there together.”
“Exactly,” he says as he takes hold of your shoulders and starts rubbing up and down. “Which makes it OUR furniture and I’m paying half. Or,” he leans down to be right in your face, “would you rather I just buy it period?”
Your eyes widen, “NO.”
It comes out a little harsher then you intend, to which he raises an eyebrow.
“Jagi, what are you really worried about? This isn't your typical irritating but adorable OCD; what’s up?”
You close your eyes and take a deep breath. You’ve never been in a relationship like this; you always expected that when you moved in with a guy that you’d be married to him. Shouldn’t all cultures be that way so it’s less confusing?
He taps you on the forehead. “Out of there and talk to me. Remember our deal?”
You slowly open your eyes and stare into his beautiful brown ones. He’s right, the two of you agreed no lies, no half truths.
You lick your lips and glance away, he bops your nose to get your eyes back to his, both brows raised.
“It's just that, I’ve never been in this situation before. I always thought I’d be married when I moved in with a guy. Actually... I always thought I’d be married before I had sex too.”
You turn your head away and he brings it back gripping your chin. “Continue.”
You take a deep breath, “This isn’t like a marriage. I’m not sure how to treat it. I mean, do we split the bills and you pay these, I pay those? What happens if you suddenly hate me and we break up? Do we cut the bed down the middle so you get one half and I get the other?”
You’re getting worked up and the crinkle of his eyes isn’t helping you settle down.
“Don’t laugh at me!" You huff at him. "It’s freaking me out! Now I know why Jak was having a panic attack. What if my mom wants to come visit?”
“Your mom won’t like me?”
You bite your bottom lip, “My mom doesn’t exactly know about you... yet.”
He stands up straight and looks over your head. “Oh.”
He stands there a minute thinking, then looks back down at you. “How am I supposed to take that? Are you ashamed of me? Am I good enough for you but not your family?”
You mumble grumpily, shaking your head. “I knew I shouldn’t have said anything.”
“No, Jagi. This should be discussed and I’m sorry I just said that. The guys have been my family for so long and all my friends already know you... I don’t think I’ve told my parents about us either.”
“Would your parents like me? I’m not Korean.”
“Honestly, I’m a man and make my own decisions. My friends adore you, the guys are all in love with you and jealous as hell of me,” he grins wickedly at that and pulls you close. “I don’t know how my parents couldn’t love you but it wouldn't change how I feel either way.”
He leans in to give your lips a tender kiss, “In my mind and heart, I’m here for our lifetime Jagi. I love you, I can’t see myself with anyone else, I don’t want anyone else.”
You smile as your eyes tear up. You grab his face, bringing him down for a better kiss.
“I love you too. My parents are just... really religious. My dad might be okay with you; well, not with the whole you're sleeping with his daughter…”
He grins, “Do I need to take the extra bedroom and become the roommate instead of the boyfriend?”
“Don’t you DARE!” you reprimand him as you smack his arm. "Besides, they would think that's just as bad."
He laughs and tugs your hips closer, “Hm... you don't think someone would miss me eh?”
You reach up and tweak his nipple, “I would last a WHOLE lot longer than you would sir.”
He rubs his chest with a pained look, finally concedes and bows.
“You are absolutely correct. You make me hungry and thirsty all at the same time, and not for food.”
He turns, takes your hand and heads over to the bedroom area. “Speaking off, we need a bed NOW and it needs to be delivered immediately! Priorities!”
You follow behind him, laughing at his antics. You admit as you watch the way his body moves in front of you, wouldn’t even last a day.
Damn I wouldn't last a day either if I had him!😆
Yay, more adventures with this sexy guy!
yay more Kyungil
awww! so cute!
I don't think I could last the length of their conversation lol i mean you have many bed choices in the department... we have to try a few out right??? lol