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~(Lavi POV)~

DejaVu, because when I woke up on something soft, smooth and something squishy beside me. I didn't want to wake up if the squishy was Simon. I felt a warm breath on my neck, and discovered the squishy was an arm around my waist.
I turn around gently, and snuggled up to the arms owner. I heard and felt a soft chuckle escape their lips, before they kissed my head. "Go right ahead, enjoy yourself. They don't know where you are, right now."
I sat up and pin him down on his back. He grin, as he made sure I was straddling his lap. "Now now, Lavi-ah, I doubt you're ready for anything that extreme." Simon teased me, whilst his hands rubbed along my bare waist under my shirt.
"We're both grown, so I think I can handle anything you send my way." He gave me a questionable look, making me remember what I did yesterday. "Kiseok oppa, I'm so sorry."
He sat up, while one arm wrap around my waist, and his other hand brush strains of my hair behind my ear. "Shh~ Lavi-ah, I knew you were only doing that because you wanted to protect me. You and I just came together, I didn't except you to leave me on your own just yet." I smiled at him, as I pick up on the 'yet' part.
I moved his bangs away to flick his forehead. I went easy on him, but he still looked annoy a bit. "Why you little..." He started tickling me, as I laughed, and try to escape. He pin me down to the bed and tower over me.
"We do still need to talk about something your mother brought up." He had stop, once he knew he could change the subject. I turn my head away from him, but he gently touch my cheek to make me.
"I get it, its something you're not ready to talk about. But we do need to talk about it soon." I lean forward to kiss him, and it seem he was thinking the same thing. Our lips met in the middle, as his hand found its way to the back of my neck.
His touch, was gentle, and warm, as I ran my fingers through his hair. I wanted him, all of him, and didn't think I could hold back anymore.The moment my hand found his shirt hem, he broke the kiss and grabbed both my arms.
"I know, we're grown, but I want to clear this bullshit first. Main cause, if we go there now, I fear you'll leave me." My heart sake, he though I would leave him. When it came to love my mind was one track.
I'm always all or nothing kind of gal, but I knew when to stay in the middle. "I wouldn't ever leave you, Kiseok." I peck his nose making him smile and chuckle. "But if you want to wait, I'm okay with that. Though it feels weird having the roles switched here."
He peck my lips while smiling warmly. "I just want to so you how much I appreciate you, and care for you." I tackle hug him, and almost rolled off the bed with him. He chuckled as he held my thighs, since I had my legs wrap around him.
"I understand and respect your wishes." I set him free, before sitting up with him. "So tell me what happen when I was asleep." Simon's smile faded and went very grim. I took hold of his hand, and he gripped it a bit firmly.


Jay came out of his studio, alone. He sighed as he looked up to see her parents were still here and fighting. "Seriously?" He mumbled, as he rejoin me. "Their fighting over what to do with Lavi." Elo answered jay, as we all stood there watching.
Jay just shook his head as we just listen to them fighting. Lavi's mother noticed Jay had return without Lavi. "Where is my daughter?" She turn her attention to him, as Lavi's father sighed with annoyance.
"She fell asleep after I got her to calm down. I actually think its best you leave without her." I was a bit surprised, because Jay was taking charge as a CEO. "Excuse you?" She spoke like that mother bear that everyone naturally fears.
"No excuse you, You are in our company, not yours, and she not working so she's here as a friend, not an employee." I spoke up, since I didn't want Jay to have to get out of his comfort zone too much.
Jay is passive-aggressive naturally, and dealing with her mother was making him have to change that. I normally was aggressive for him, and since I agree with him. I wouldn't mind stepping to her.
"She asleep and a grown adult. She wants to stay here, and she is more than welcome to. So you can leave without her." Jay patted my back, as Lavi's mother glared dagger at me. Her father touched her mother's shoulder to get her attention.
"He is right, and we have no try to take away her rights and freedom. She is an adult, and she's not on the clock, so work wise you have no control here." She huffed as she stomp her foot on mine. "Ow!"
I grabbed my foot and hopped around a bit as if it was going to ease the pain. "She my daughter, grown or not, she coming home with me." Lavi's father sighed and mouth 'sorry' to all of us. He picked up his ex-wife, and through her over his shoulder.
I turn to Jay, after my foot stop throbbing so much. "I'm gonna take her home with me, cancel my schedule if you can. Or send someone in my place, this way she can hide out in comfort." Jay agreed completely, and help me get Lavi into my car.
I even drove to my house, and carried her into my place. She was out completely, which surprise me, that she could sleep through all of that. Her mind must of really not been about to handle that chaos between her mind and heart.
I lay her on the bed once inside, and just lay beside her. I didn't know how tired I was either, until I was laying next to her. She look so beautiful as she slept, that I just wanted to hold her close to me, like a teddy bear. Instead I rested my arm around her, and drifted to sleep with her.
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