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This one is for @MrsJungHoseok who requested Kim Namjoon or Rap monster. Sorry this is late by like 2 weeks (though it feels like longer), but here it is! I hope you all enjoy!
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
You and Namjoon at the club You just got home from dinner with your father and you went upstairs to your room and put your makeup on. You wanted to wait until both your parents went to bed, then you could sneak out and meet Namjoon at the club. After your father went to the master bedroom and fell asleep, you looked to see if you mom was still asleep (and she was) and you grabbed your phone, wallet, earbuds, charging cord, and car keys and got in your car and drove to the bar in the city. Once you got there, you looked for a parking area to park your car. You found a parking garage and parked your car on the ground floor in an empty spot. You then got out and walked to the bar where Namjoon was waiting for you. Once you got to the bar, Namjoon took you to club that was inside the bar and you danced the night away. You two were dancing until you both were sweaty and panting, wanting to cool off and catch your breath. You both found a room with a fan in it, you locked the door behind you, and you both cooled off the sweat until the both of you were cold. You then found a large blanket and you both wrapped it around eachother and sat down. The both of you were chatting until you both fell asleep on the floor. Your head fell on his shoulder and his head fell on your head as the both of you were sleeping and dreaming about eachother. You wrapped your arm around his neck and he pulled you closer to him with his hand on your waist, as you were both snuggling with eachother and for some odd reason, you both were sleep talking, which then led to your foreheads touching, then nose, and then you two were kissing eachother slowly as he brought his other hand and held your neck and you brought your other hand and finger combed his hair until you both laid down, and rolled on the floor until you both found a comfy spot and then you rubbed his back underneath his shirt and he slipped his fingers down your pants until his arms were getting hot and he threw off his jacket and shirt revealing his well toned chest muscles and stomach muscles, as well as his biceps and triceps on his arm. He then went in for a kiss on your lips as your legs were getting squeezed by your pants and you slipped them off and threw them aside and you turned him over and grinded your hips on his pelvic bone as he slipped your lacy panties off of you and you got up and sat on the empty shelf as he sat up and licked your buns so much, it's as if he was massaging you. As he was massaging you with his tongue, you held his head in your hands and hooked your legs on his back and pushed his jeans down with your toes until you saw his butt crack, you then moved up and pushed his jeans off with your feet until his jeans dropped down to his knees as well as his loose boxers, showing his pale butt and you squeezed his butt cheeks together and rubbed your feet up and down his butt, until he poked his tongue all the way inside your hole and you jumped off the shelf and grabbed the ends of the shelf and you pushed his pants off until they were away from his legs. He felt you all around your hole as he licked all over your hole muscle and you rubbed your feet against his body until he slipped his tongue out. You then let go of the shelf, laid down and he hovered over you as you pulled him close with your hands on his back and you turned him over and slammed your butt on his pelvis and you moved your body on top of his until he slipped his dick up your hole and you kissed his neck while you were still moving your body on his pelvis with his dick up your hole. He rubbed his fingers up your shirt and you threw it off and continued to kiss his neck, then you pushed his arms off of your back and you unhooked your bra and slipped it off and threw it to the side. He then turned you over and licked your boobs as he sucked on your nipples and twirled his tongue around your boobs. He then kissed your neck as you hooked your legs around his back and you pulled him closer to you and you squeezed his butt cheeks together with your feet and you shaked your feet up and down his butt muscle until your feet fell to the floor and you both rolled over to your sides and hooked your legs on eachother's backs and kissed eachother on the lips with your hands on eachother's neck. You both stayed like this until you both ran out of breath and you unhooked your legs from eachother's back and he removed his dick from your hole. You both caught your breaths and fell back to sleep.
So much feet scenes were happening
@MrsJungHoseok you're welcome! I'm still gathering ideas for the hobi one, but once I think of something, I'll post it.
Very interesting to read 😄 I loved it thank you