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I wanted to do this list because, I just recently caught back up with One Piece and I'm very pleased with One Piece right now with the defeat of Doffy, the introduction of Kaido, and the return of Lucci! There are so many great One Piece characters so, I decided to do a top ten.
10: Kuma
9: Luffy
8: Bellamy
7: Jinbei
5/6: Lucci
5/6: Kid
4: Aokiji
3: Doflamingo
1/2: Shanks
1/2: Sabo A lot of these characters on this list used to be way higher, hell I remember when Jinbei, Shanks, and Aokiji were my top three! Some characters just faded away a little and were filled with some new character or they disappeared for so long. Well this is my top ten One Piece characters, leave a comment in the comment section and let me know your opinions and let me know if I should do more top tens.
Just think it's gonna get more and more epic with the re introduction as well as the add in of newer characters that are now in the list of 100's of important OP characters and leads!' Literally a world of characters the adventure to becoming king is gonna be long and crazy but so so worth it!
1. Roronoa Zoro 2. Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk 3. Shanks 4. Portugas D. Ace 5. Trafalgar Law 6. Issho/Fujitora 7. Smoker 8. Jimbei 9. Edward Newgate/ Whitebeard 10. Monkey D. Luffy 11. Sabo 12. Brook 13. Monkey D. Garp 14. Mr. 2/ Bon Clay 15. Bartolomeo 16. Marshall D. Teach/Blackbeard 17. Nico Robin 18. Boa Hancock 19. Mr.0/Crocodile 20. Kuzan/Aokiji 21. Monkey D. Dragon 22. Ivankov 23. Silvers Rayleigh 24. Franky 25. Donquixote Rosinante/Corazon 26. Donquixote Doflamingo 27. Senior Pink 28. Sanji 29. Buggy 30. Marco
what about ace, blackbeard, and whitebeard and zoro and law
Zoro, Brook, and Marco have the top three spots, respectively, in my book.
@justjimturpen to be fair, we haven't seen much of him as a Marine. Just three occasions if memory serves.
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