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So with Kris and LuHan safely back in the folds of SM Entertainment. That left one thing...
TAO burning bridges, and yes they have lit his way, I doubt he will ever return. His contract was settled, I am assuming, a long time ago. Umm, actually I just wanted to post this GIF, it made me laugh
Wait what's going on I'm so confused
Kris and LuHan and SM Entertainment have finally settled their dispute. The settlement includes them still being under SM until their original contracts end (in 2022) as solo artists. SM will also get a percentage of their current income/revenue. In addition to all that, they are never going to participate as a part of EXO. TAO's dispute with SM was settled last year, he is no longer under SM. The meme, it made me laugh because now that the dust has settled, TAO is no where to be found.