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Namue, that's the name. I think the name doesn't really suit my persona knowing the life I live. Well of course you don't know.... I haven't to tell you anything yet. You see, my life isn't perfect. Yes I am married, living in a huge mansion with a great, rich man but is it really that nice as you think it is?. There is such a thing as not knowing what that other person goes through unless you walk on their shoes. And that's exactly what these people are lacking on. The people who I consider family and friends. If only they knew what happens behind close doors. My husband, JB or Jaebum is a great person but who he seems to be or who people think he is isn't the reality they wish was real. He's crazily possessive, he's rude, disrespectful to me and to my brother and sister, he doesn't pay me much attention as he used to and till this day I still don't know what I did wrong to deserve this. I've devoted myself to this marriage and did everything in my power to please the both of us. But his fucking dick for a mind has a different prospective and so he decides to act the way he does. It's like i'm living two lives. Taking care of a pathetic husband while pretending and telling people that everything's ok and that my life is normal. Is this what rich people go through? because if it is I don't know why the fuck did I agree to this. I regret the day I put that fucking ring on and I regret the day I said yes to this fucking asshole. I can't lie, i'm just like my mom. Married into a rich man and being a golddigger. Basically the only reason I agreed to marry him was for money but I also agreed because he showed me love, compassion and trust. But soon after I realize what his true colors were. I guess all men are the same after all. Most people go up to me and say "you're married??!". I think it's because I have tattoos, piercings and a child like personality along with how young I look for my age. Most people think that 20 year olds can't get married because it's a young age or because maybe we're not ready to settle yet, but we all know that's all bullshit. Sometimes it's true that many of us aren't ready for such a big step in our lives but we learn by experiencing and learning from the things that we go through. I have those moments where...um.... I wish that not everybody thought that I was, ah- a person who wants their future to happen quickly so that I could finally be an adult and enjoy the adult life and shit. It's not true.... non of that is true it's just the same bullshit you hear when you ask for things or tell people things that we regret soon after because they begin to tease us about it. I don't really want, um, how can I say it, um, ignorant, conceited, and judicious people to get involved in things that aren't theirs to place an opinion on. I don't need that in my life as much as I ignore it and don't care. I hope you were entertained with my life story. Now If you don't mind I have better things to do then be asked questions about my personal life because I think I've said enough.