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So each day of the week has been slowly getting themed. Due to this I have come up with Tiny Tots Thursday or TTT for short. Normally in anime the Tiny Tots or young ones are often over looked. There for I made Thursday TTT so we can appreciate all the little kawaii tiny tots. To kick of TTT I chose Kisa from Fruits Basket. She's so kawaii!!!
So tell me who's your Tiny Tot Thursday?! Post your own card and tag me. I'd love to see ^-^ Tagging: @BlackoutZJ @AimeBolanos @hikaymm @Tylor619
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Cuteeee!!! I'll make one tomrorow hehe :D
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Haha time zone differences xD @hikaymm
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omg i love kisa!!!
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i also love yui from sao!!!
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