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I was looking for more photos that I could use for another BTS art project........since i don't have any more to do......which is a lie I have more and they just keep piling up. Anyway I am working on Jimin and it seems that I can't fine a good enough picture of him to draw.......I have more of him then my UB..........So I typed in the google search Jimin the Bias Wreaker. This is what i found.
I was like where can I buy one? I need this so when he starts to do things to my poor fangirl feels i can flash this to help. I know that didn't make sense.
And then there was this......Which is down to the capital T in Truth when you are an ARMY.
This one was my favorite since for everyone he is just a bias wrecker. I am Aquarius and i am contently telling my to keep his shirt down because my poor heart cant take it when he is showing off his good assets.
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So much truth here!!! Been looking for a card like this for a while! Zodiac picture had me dying!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚