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I can't believe I actually missed a day. Whoa. Here's to hoping you'll forgive me ~
I had better be forgiven. To the challenge!!!
Day 25: First Block B song I heard? Easy, it was also the first MV I saw.


Long ago, before Cosmic Cassidy even had the wits to pay more attention to Block B, she heard a catchy song entitled Nalina.
Unfortunately, since she was a dumb shit-and despite actually liking the song- she didn't engross herself with the group right away. And now, she has many mistakes. Heh :^).
Day 26: Favorite funny moment! Oh man, this one's good. Let's just say it's an entire episode of Weekly Idol.
When they try complimenting eachother (with skinship) and stuff like this occurs.
Also when they had to compete for the title of having the sexiest dance:
Ugh, here. Just watch the entire episode if you haven't:
No regrets :'^) Thanks for sticking around! See you tomorrow!
I loved this ep of weekly idol!! 馃槀馃槀 they was killing it when they had to write their names with their butts, especially park kyung 鉂わ笍
@CosmicCassidy I have to physically prepare myself before I re-watch this episode cause I know I'm gonna be killing over laughing. No matter how many times you see it, it never gets old 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@DasiaB I was in physical pain ? ? ? ? Haha oh it still hurts to this day
@JaiiPanda Oh my... what a combination 馃槀
I was listening to few years later when I say that sexy dance gif... Not very nice man 馃槀馃槀