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*Warning: Poop in second picture ;) Wombats are marsupials (cousins to koalas and kangaroos) native to Australia. They have specially designed body structures to produce dice-shaped poo. This is to prevent them from rolling away. But why worry about your poo rolling away? Apparently, they have a terrible sense of sight but a great sense of smell. So in order to find their way home in the dark, they poop on top of logs and rocks -- hence the need for the poop to stay in once place. (EDIT: added third pic to show what they're made of at @oj1992 's request :P) http://zactopia.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/why-you-should-give-a-square-shit-about-wombats/
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squared poop........
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*Curiosity kills Callie*.....im sitting here eating bit size snickers, now they are looking more like squared poop...ahhhh...*puts it down*...lolz
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@miranpark88 you sound sad @cheerfulcallie ahahahah I'm sorry for ruining your appetite! at least you learned something new? :D
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lolzzz ...
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