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I would have chosen Black Star's final fight with Mifune but that's an entire sequence not just one specific scene. However I want it noted the anime didn't do hid fight true justice. Black Star and Tsubaki's growth were completely watered down as Tsubaki didn't gain her new weapon transformation Black Star didn't show how he grew as a character mastering new weapon transformations and the Katana. Mifune kinda got a cheap send off instead of the satisfying ending he deserved after an epic fight. So instead this is the specific scenes that weighed more when in manga/anime form
Bleach: Hiyori Sarugaki gets cut in half vs Stabbed When facing Aizen the biggest thing you need is a level head stay cool well hot headed Hiyori wasn't for that she lost her grip when Aizen was flapping his gums and bull charged right in to get some payback only to her dismay Gin cut her in half from yards away. However that's only in the manga in the anime she was stabbed, now the situation sucks regardless but that feeling of HOLY SHIT is lost by comparison. The scene is also driven by Shinji's reaction as he rushes to her side, his request that Ichigo arrive with Orihime in tow is lost a little when she's incapacitated vs her bleeding profusely because she's missing her bottom half. That sense of urgency of needing Orihime vs needing first aid is volumes different, fearing for her life on edge wondering if she was going to survive had me scared.
One Piece: Law destroys SAD and defeats Vergo On the opposite side of the spectrum we have Law vs Vergo. When Law was in a desperate situation he was able to pull through using his devil fruit ability. Law used his ability and cut the entire top of a mountain, Lab, Vergo, and SAD all in one fell swoop this was cool in the manga but it was bad ass in the anime. In the anime when Law did this it pulled back in a nice slow shot slowly revealing the destructive power of what Law had done. Yeah it was cool that he did it period but that slow reveal just gave me more of a DAMN moment.
So which scene impacted you more for a manga or anime? You can check out the original post at @SimplyAwkward collection
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Omg! I 100% support and agree with all three of these choices!!!