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Here is a cute visual to help you learn how to say each family member in Korean^^. Happy learning! :)
atleast i know these words alredy:))
@saharjalpari9 yea i got it because we have words like that in my culture too sometimes we use them to make fun of others and sometimes in lovable way... but i thought Koreans might get offended .. thanks for clearing it :))))) <3
noo not really its mostly used as a sign of respect for older people ahjumma middle aged women and ahjussi middle aged man @nonabisi but ppl mostly take t the wrong way natural human critique like r u calling me old haha but they mostly say it for respect in my culture we have words like dat 4 respect 2 so i can understand but ppl take it the wrong way like u r calling them old but its just for respect but i don't mind i actually like dat :) <3 i hope u get it
how about gomo/ aunti and gomobu/ uncle (from father's side)
they mean someone not dressed nice and messy hair....
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