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This story is something I have been trying to put together. Its going to have a lot of familiar elements to it. Not only from EXO concepts but from other group concepts. I'm not trying to steal from anyone but I wanted to use EXO for this. Its more of a fantasy fanfic so DON'T expect any "Mature Content" warnings (lol). Giving Noona and her Maknae a break. Comment if you want to be tagged in the coming cards. Happy reading!
The concert wrapped up really well. No incidents, no screw ups, no nothing. Just them doing their job and doing it well by the sounds of their fandom screaming for more. It was a perfect night that should have ended perfectly. Although, getting back to their hotel rooms was the best part of the night. A short dark haired young man named Baek came walking off the elevator after getting some cold drinks from downstairs for him and his buddy, Chan. As he was walking back to the room, he looked up in time to see a dark and exotic beautiful woman coming out of a room at the end of the hall. He smiled, he didn't know if she had noticed, but he decided to fumble with his key until she got closer, wanting a better look at her face. She was getting closer by the second, he put his drinks down, pretending to have misplaced his room key. He turned this way and that way, he glanced up, and shockingly made eye contact. His whole body froze, he knew he was staring but he couldn't look away. She smiled at him. Her long black hair hung down to one side over her shoulder exposing a long beautiful neck, her bronze skin that nearly matched his hyung Jongin's skin tone seemed to shimmer in the hallway light, her light brown reddish eyes beckoned him to follow her. But what got him the most, was her humming. It was so sweet and light, like a mother holding her baby, it was comforting. He fell back against the door thumping his head hard which woke him from his daze and he slowly sunk to the floor. He all of sudden felt himself falling backwards as the door swung open. His buddy stood over. "Aish! what took you so long and why did you bang on the door when you have a key?" Chan asked, picking up the drinks and his little buddy off the floor, "and why are you sitting on the floor?" Baek shook his head as the gentle giant put him on his own two feet. He looked around confused, "How did I get here?" Chan raised an eyebrow at him, confused at his friends question, "You walked, maybe?" he said sarcastically. He looked out into the hallway, left then right and then slowly closed the door, "I swear to god, I don't remember getting off the elevator or even coming to the door." Baek said taking a long drink of his soda. He took a deep breath and sighed, "its weird." "Maybe you're just tired, we should get to bed. Obviously exhaustion is having a very bad effect on you." Chan gulped his drink down and laid back, falling asleep almost instantly the second his head hit the pillow. Baek drank his down and crawled into bed, forgetting about taking the shower that he so badly needed. His eyes were too heavy, his body felt even heavier. As soon as his eyes closed, he started to dream. He dreamed that he was with his hyungs, he dreamed of a woman he never seen before but felt she was familiar in some way. They were taking a drive somewhere, it was beautiful countryside, the fresh air whipping in through the open windows. The air smelled sweet, he stuck his head out the window to get a better whiff of it. He looked back at the others who were all sitting together talking and smiling. The youngest, Sehun, was wanting to stop and run out into the fields, they laughed and teased him. The black suv came to a stop by a lake that was glimmering from the afternoon sun. They all got out and went down by the water's edge. Baek, Chan, and the oldest of them, Minseok, laid down in the cool grass, staring up at the deep blue sky over head. He could hear water splashing as some went running into the water. Junmyeon called to him and the others to join them. Baek sat up, kicked his shoes off and went running in. They splashed and played in the water with no care in the world. No one worrying about tomorrow or about anything else for that matter. The woman that had drove them there was standing at the edge, watching them, Baek could hear her singing a lullaby of some sort. They all stopped and went to her. All paired and holding hands; Jongin and Kyungsoo, Suho and Lay, Minseok and Jongdae. Baek took hold of Chan and Sehun's hands. They all stood in front of her, listening to her sing. Baek felt his eyes getting heavy again but it was then that he remembered seeing her before in the hallway, humming that same song. Her eyes piercing into him, pulling him to her. He fell back asleep in his dream. Baek's eyes popped open. It was quiet. He laid still, staring at the ceiling and realizing that the ceiling looked different, it was closer, lower. He rolled over thinking that he was still too sleepy for that kind analysis but when he rolled over to his side and was staring at the wall next, it alarmed him. There should have been a door there, the room door. So he rolled over to his other side, he became even more alarmed staring at another wall. A wall where Chan should have been laying in his own bed. He rolled back onto his back, staring at the odd ceiling again. "What's going on?" he said out loud. He gripped his blanket tightly, his body started to shake with the realization that something was very wrong. Then all of sudden he heard a high pitch scream, it sounded as though it came through the wall. Then he heard the others starting to yell and scream for each other. Someone was pounding on the wall next to him and then on the other wall, then he heard someone above him. "WHAT'S GOING ON?" he yelled out, nearly in tears.
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