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Simon had suffer because of me, and not just him, but all of AOMG. I took a breath, and closed my eyes, as a hand lightly brush against my cheek. I looked into his eyes, when I reopen mine, and could see a shine in them.
It was like a sparkle that was meant for only me. "You said we had to talk about the secret my mother revealed" His eyebrow move up, as a way of saying I caught his interest. "You have noticed its related to why my partner's aren't together no more?"
He looked away for a moment, and nodded his head. "When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with Asperger Autism." Simon's expression went serious as he licked his lips. "They tested me because at the time I was having a behavioral moments that sent off flaps to my teachers."
He took my hand in his own, as a way of support. "My parents didn't know how to handle the news. Plus my brother had just been born, and my mother was working on building Royal Corp from the ground up."
I looked down, as I try to find the words to explain everything. I noticed he had let go of my hand and gotten up. I watched him go around the bed, to only crawl over to me. He then held me from behind and nuzzled up to me. I smiled as I could feel how much me liked me with this action.
"My mother was to ship me off somewhere, or get a personal nanny for me. My father disagreed and though it was bad thing, because he knew it would of made my autism worse. So he was the parent that took care of me. My older siblings where effected by all of this as well." I held his arms, and felt comfortable in his arm.
"Raul, my brother, you know him as Demon. He step up and help Appa, fine a stable environment to live. My sister show me love, but she kept me at a distance until I was sixteen. That year we sat down and actually had a heart to heart. I wish my mother would do the same." I felt tears threatening to pool over, while my grip tighten a bit.
Simon held me closer and kissed my neck gently. "She still sees me as a child, and a problem. My father hated it, and I was always the cause of their fights. My father asked for a divorce, and demanded to have full custody of me. When they did get it, my brother Raul made mom give up full custody of him too."
I heard a soft chuckle escape Simon's lips. "Your sister went solely to your mother too? What about your younger brother?" He finally spoke, whilst his fingers were toying with mine. "My sister and brother were part custody, but mainly lived with my father, because our mother had no time to raise us, thanks to Royal Corp."
Simon playfully pretended to bite my hand. I giggled at his cute action, which I knew he was trying to cheer me up. "My mother used to be really loving, its the company though, it corrupted her and made so .... so evil." Simon stopped goofing off as my index finger rested on his lips.
"She made her choice, Lavi. She could of focus on helping you be raised right, or build her dream company. Honestly I want to take you away from there completely. But I know you won't cause you love them all so very much. Its something I love about you."
I kissed his lips, and rest my forehead against his own. "But if you do want to escape all of that, You are more than welcome to become the head of our company's Security." I looked up at him, and noticed he was being serious.
Simon had just offer me the job I wanted in AOMG. If I accepted, I wouldn't have to wait for Royal Corp. Yet, I did invent a good six to seven years into the company to become the head of security. "This way to have an escape plan. That's all."
Simon really did know how to make a girl feel loved and special. "You romantic sexy beast you." He grin at my compliment, as he turn me fully so I was straddling his lap. "But I'm your romantic sexy bad boy beast."
I giggled at him being corny and cute. "Then what am I to you?" He smirked and winked, while his hands rested on my sides under my shirt. "You are my bad girl, and I have to admit. Your fight with Nari was a turn on. I had never wanted to ravage a woman so much, until then."
I purred at his confession, and caressed his face. "I offer, but no you wanted to wait." I teased him about it, and lightly laughed with him. "I know but for some reason I want to show you how much I careful you. Take it slow, and show you how special you are to me."
All I could do is react to his words. I pushed him back so he was laying down, and pin him to the bed. I had no words, so I let my body show him how I felt about that. I crush my lips against his, and glided my tongue along his lips.
I interlocked my fingers with his fingers, once he granted me access to toy with his tongue. Our breathing had become heavy, whilst our tongue just play around with each other. I felt a future friend of mine, greeting me between my legs.
I knew he wanted to wait, so I broke the hot and heavy kiss, to peck his nose. He scrunch up his nose, making me giggle at his actions. I honestly didn't know how I was going to manage once I left this apartment.
If I knew my mother the way I did. I was going to have to choose between, my career I worked so hard for, or the man that could be my future husband. For now though I was going to enjoy the time I had with him.
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that part had me in tears I can relate to her having a disability simon it's too soon for children lol
@pandaqueenbee I understand
My mind was like "yeah, it's too soon, take slow" 😐 but my heart was like "but it's Simon!" πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚
that was so touching and beautiful. good job!!
@twistedlove its something i deal with personally so its a bit of my soul in that chapter