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When is comes to what Nina looks for in a guy, it all comes down to chemistry. "You either have chemistry or you don’t, but a lot of what attracts me is a guy’s mind and humor and talent," she says. "I need to get to know all those things before I fall for someone. I’m not a one-night-stand kind of girl. I’m a relationship girl." "I’m progressive in some ways, old-fashioned in others. I like it when guys hold the door open and are sweet and thoughtful. The guys on our show are really good at that," she adds. "A man in a suit looking put together and dapper is very attractive, but I also kind of like the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed, a-little-bit-of-scruff, effortless, not-trying-hard-but-still-sexy guy. If a guy spends more time looking in the mirror than I do, that’s problem!"
@cheerfulcallie me too! and if i was, i'll never let go of Ian!
i know....sigh***....i wish i looked like that, lolz
@cheerfulcallie she's one of those girls who looks great without even trying
wow, she's absolutely stunning....
@YinofYang @blairwitme Chemistry is a must!.. Ian and She had such great chemistry in and out of TVD.. such a shame..
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