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If you missed @SweetDuella chapter click here for it. Now I'm going to admit...I had a range of emotions while writing this one and so literally everything Sarah actually feels is how I felt at that moment. It's creepy...once again I pulled myself deep into the story to effect me that much.
Sarah didn’t see Jenni until the afternoon show. Sarah was frustrated and just wanted to get rid of her feelings, but how could she. Kookie seemed to care, but how could Sarah just put aside what she saw. She was hurt and scared to know the truth about the girl he was with that night. When Jenni walked in Sarah noticed something different with Jenni. “What did you do after the show?” Sarah asked squinting her eyes. “Oh just talked to Joonie.” “Oh yea and what did you talk about?” “Your date.” She said shuffling through the papers “Why?” “I thought Kookie should know about it.” “Seriously Jenni! Why would you do that! He’s allowed to go out with others and I’m not!” she started raising her voice. “Sarah be serious he likes you a lot, He freaking ran after you Friday night.” “Is this all because I didn’t get your approval for a date?” Sarah snapped. “That isn’t why.” “I’m sure you told Namjoon everything didn’t you!” Sarah was now upset at her best friend. She knew what was going to happen. “Sarah he’s my boyfriend I needed to vent to him.” “Yea I thought I was your best friend! You just stabbed me in the back!” Sarah yelled “No I didn’t I just want you and Kookie to be happy.” “30 seconds.” Julia called into the room and the girls stopped talking. Sarah was pissed that her friend couldn’t keep a secret long enough, Sarah wanted time to figure out everything on her own and now she knew what was to come next and she wasn’t ready yet, she wanted a few more days. Sarah quickly shifted moods the best she could. “You’re listening to Diamond and Ruby! How is everyone this fine afternoon?” Sarah said with a smile “Yea it is a great day, A great day for dates.” Ruby said with a smile. This was how they were going to play it today; since they were fighting they were going to smile while fighting and making it seem like a joke on air. “You are so right, Are you going on a date tonight Ruby?” Sarah asked “I might, I know you are Diamond.” “Yea” “Are you excited about it.” Now that she was being asked this on air what could say. What if Jb was listening or Kookie? She looked at her friend and bit her lip. “Yea.” Was all she said “You don’t sound too excited.” She laughed “I’m just not feeling good today.” “Oh yea? Well we can play some music for a bit and maybe that will cheer you up.” Jenni said and hit play. Sarah didn’t really want to talk anymore. “Sarah you realize that you can’t keep running from the problem.” Jenni said scooting her chair closer to Sarah. “I just need time ok. I feel like you are now forcing me to do something I’m not mentally prepared to do yet.” Sarah said quietly “And going out with JB is going to help that?” Jenni was trying to figure her friend out. “Yea, it might make things clearer for me, Heck it will be nice to just get my mind off of Kookie for one damn day.” “You realize why you can’t stop thinking about him right.” “Yes I know why, but I would like to for one freaking day not think about him and hurt. Once I get that maybe I’ll be ready to talk to him and listen to him.” The rest of the show went on with a different set of happy, it was faked. Both girls were now in a mood and they just wanted the show over. When the show was over Sarah looked at her phone. She had a message. TaeTae: Hey bestie, can we talk about this date? Sarah: What’s there to talk about? TaeTae: You know Kookie listened to the show. Sarah: So? TaeTae: Come on seriously! He misses you, heck I miss you too you never come around Sarah: I’m just having some issues right now I need to work on TaeTae: And a date with another guy is going to solve that. TaeTae: Didn’t Kookie say you could lean on him Sarah: But it’s about him….I can’t lean on him…not now TaeTae: Is it because you saw him with another girl? Sarah: Oh my god Namjoon freaking told! TaeTae: I overheard him and Kookie Sarah: I have to go. Sarah was upset of course who wouldn’t be. She trusted her best friend, and she told her boyfriend who she trusted and he told his friend. Unless Jenni told him to tell Kookie then there is another issue all together. Sarah turned to Jenni. “Kookie knows.” Sarah said in a dead tone. “Well you did just say it on the radio.” “No about me seeing him with another girl.” “What!” Jenni looked shocked “So you didn’t tell Namjoon to tell Kookie about us seeing him with another girl?” “No I did not.” “Well then I can’t be mad at you for that.” Sarah said and walked away and pulled out her phone one more time before she was going home to get changed for her date. TaeTae: Just so you know he’s upset over hearing you’re going on a date. After reading that she wanted to text Kookie. She was fighting with herself and finally decided not to text him. She would eventually but not at this moment.
(Had to add a laugh by this meme before .....well enjoy) Sarah Got ready for her date and headed to where Jb said he would meet her, they went out for dinner and then went to an arcade. She really needed the distraction and it worked really well. She for once was just thinking about what was going on in the moment. They were walking down the street after they bought some ice cream and were just talking. Sarah liked spending time with JB but it just wasn’t the same to her. Jb was talking about something and Sarah looked across the street, which she wished she didn’t. She saw Kookie, but he wasn’t alone. The girl from the other night was there with him. Once again clinging onto him and he looked fine with it. He was laughing at something she said. Sarah’s stomach dropped and she stopped moving. Jb saw this and looked at her. “Sarah?” she didn’t look away. Jb looked where she was looking. He understood exactly what was happening. He stepped in front of her so she couldn’t look at Kookie anymore. He put his hand on her cheek. “Jb.” She whispered “You shouldn’t cry over him.” “What?” she was confused how did he know already? “You were staring.” She glanced behind JB and saw Kookie was looking at the two of them. Jb turned his head to look at Kookie. When he turned back he had a smile on his face. He moved close to her. She was about to push him away when he stopped a few inches from her face. “I’m not going to kiss you but I’m sure it looks like we are.” He smiled and pulled back and then started to walk away. Sarah stood there dazed for a second. Was JB trying to help her out? She quickly snapped out of it and ran to catch up with him. She grabbed his arm and had him stop. “What?” he asked turning around “Why?” “Because I know what’s going on. We are just going to be friends.” “What?” how did he know what she was thinking “I know how you feel about me, I’m ok with it. Thanks for giving me a chance though.” He smiled and patted her head. She started to cry and fell to the ground sitting on her butt and curled up. “I hate this!” Sarah cried and JB knelt down in front of her and patted her head again. “Him seeing you with me will put him in motion if he has any feelings for you.” He stated “He was with another girl. They have to be dating now.” “I doubt it; they probably went on what maybe a date or two. The way he was looking at me when I looked was he was pissed I was with you.” “I….can you take me home.” Sarah stuttered. She started to stand up. She didn't want to cry in public. “Yea” he pulled her up and held onto her hand and he walked her home. When Sarah got there Jenni wasn’t there and she locked herself in her room. She got a text. Kookie: I thought you didn’t like JB, and turned him down Sarah: Why does it matter? Kookie: It does matter! What happened to you? Sarah: Obviously you know, stop playing dumb please Sarah: It doesn’t matter who I go on a date with or you go on a date with. We were just friends. After that Sarah quickly shut off her phone. She didn’t want to be mad at him, it just happened. Sarah wrote a note and left it on Jenni’s door. She wasn’t going to go to work in the morning. She would be there for the afternoon. She lied and wrote that she had to take care of a few things so she wouldn’t be back home till after the morning show. Although she was going to be locked in her room until the next show. She wanted to calm down and she thought that if she saw Jenni she would let everything that had bubbled up. Sarah made it to the studio in time for the afternoon show. She was feeling somewhat better. “Sarah what happened last night?” Jenni asked “I’ll tell you on the air.” Sarah said and sat down. Jenni also sat down and was ready for the show. “Hello lovelies you are on the Air with Ruby and Diamond, So right off the bat I want to jump into something we all heard about yesterday. Diamonds date. How did it go?” “Well Ruby it went really good.” “Do you plan on going on another date with him?” Jenni was hanging onto every word at this point. “Well see the date was great but by the end of it. We decided to stay friends.” “Why?” Jenni was smiling. “Well Ruby you know why. But he knew I had feelings for someone else.” “Wow. How’d he take it?” “He was the one who said it. Like he knew exactly what was on my mind. But I did really enjoy myself and it kind of helped me get back on track to what I need to do next.” “Are you going after the guy you like now?” “Not quite yet. We fought via text and I think I’ll wait a few days and text him.” Sarah knew she wasn’t going to wait more than maybe a day or two.
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I seriously dying to find out who this girl is to Kookie?! He seems to like Sarah and is oblivious to the fact that Sarah is hurt by him going out with that girl....which should mean the girl means nothing to him romantically right?! Sarah, just get up in Kookies face and ask! lol
Yeah, who is this chick putting a kink in Sarah's slink. and JB is all mine, so we're good. lmaoooooo
@MaritessSison Oh the next chapter she is revealed hopefully
What's with the hedgehogs being pushed into puddles? Mark's face though, he looks mad but his face is so cute and funny. And now what will happen with Sarah and JB?
@SerenaArthurs ha I don't know it was just so funny and random so I plopped it in there