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I started thinking too many thoughts, as in what will I become when I'm older? A forensic scientist? A dancer? A Singer? A Teacher, lawyer, police officer, or nothing at all? But then my thoughts went into 'What if I don't even get to fulfill what I want to do?' and 'What if I don't even get to live long enough to reach my goal?' I realized, that every dream I've had can come undone. It can end just as quick as it began. Now I'm here thinking to myself that if I don't get to live long enough, I just want people to know how I feel. I want them to understand what I felt before I passed. Why? I never know when I'll die. I'll never know when my times up, so I want you guys to know how I feel. Just know, that I'm not the best at expressing myself.
Dear readers of my stories, Honestly, when I first started writing, I sucked really bad. I didn't like my writing. I couldn't read them without cringing and just- No. However, over time, people helped me write better. My writing still needs more improvement, but at least I'm content with it. I honestly would have given up writing if it wasn't for @CrystalBlunt It might've been small to you, but you were the first person to show interest in my Amber story. Not only that, you kept reading my one shots and such. Then more and more people started reading my stories and I am extremely grateful to you all. Thank you for your feedback on my stories, Thank you for your support and for waiting patiently for me to upload the next chapter, or the next short story. Thank you all so much!
Dear Friends on here, Thank you for taking the time of your day/ night to talk to me. I honestly never thought that I would make such great friends on here. I am entirely happy to have you guys as friends, and even though we might live 1,000 miles away, I will forever treasure you all. @Emealia @Saradarwish @qwalker1996 @bbyitskatie @MandiMuska @AimeeH Thank you girls so much. You all have become very very important to me. Thank you for letting me rant to you and giving me a shoulder to lean on. Thank you for the advice you've given me, for becoming the reasons why I would smile or laugh after crying my eyes out. Thank you for setting me straight and taking my head out of my ass. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes and making me realize where I need to correct myself. Also, thank you so much for believing in me, and being there for me. You girls mean a lot to me. Thank you for everything!
Dear fangirls, This pertains to all of you. Haha Honestly, where I live, it's really hard to find someone who will fangirl with me. Some of you share this situation with me, while others not so much. I'm here to say thank you for fangirling with me. Whether it would be an upcoming group, a new song, new photo release, Yoongi's mix tape, anything like that thank you so much!
Dear people that don't know me, My name is Michelle. I am 16 years old, but I sometimes act 65 according to a test I took on Facebook once. I don't really like talking about myself very much, but I have done so in past cards where I am to introduce myself to you all. I think I am a nice person, but I'm pretty blunt at times. I have red hair that will be dyed soon. I am someone who you can count on for any purpose. If you need someone, just know that I will accept you with open arms. Don't be shy, okay? Thank you. (:
You are honestly amazing!! You almost made me cry... & idk why; I'm normally not as sensitive. In the beginning, you expressed exactly how not just you are feeling, but how many feel which makes it even more special. Your words got to my heart. By the way, you are amazing at writing! Girl I don't know what you're talking about!! I love everything you write!! Thank you for this card; it honestly made my night~ ♡ oh yeah, did I mention you're awesome!! 😊
hwaiting darling! you can be anything you dream of you just have to fight for it and don't look down keep that head up night because we don't want that crown falling baby girl! @MichelleIbarra even though I haven't had time to read your stories lately but I have read the recent ones you keep doing whatever you want to do! I'll always keep supporting you no matter what that's what friends are for not to judge but to help out! Saranghaeyo 👏✌🙂💖
Awe baby. you are such a sweetheart and I love you bebe ♡ I am so glad I was given the chance to know you ♡
one day you'll look back at the past and say wow I did it i made it and I don't regret one moment of it because Im finally happy @MichelleIbarra your still young you have alot ahead of you but your mature for your age that I've notice and I like your story's hehe hey I'm a big fan of yours remember ^_^
This card is amazing! Just like you I always feel conscience about my writings but I found a lot of encouragement on Vingle and continue to write despite not being the best writer. Card after card I found more confidence and actually want to improve my writing. So, keep it going girl! You never know what can come out of your passion. :)
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