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Happy Turn-Up Thursday everyone!

I am here to present the next chapter of this fanfiction! I hope you enjoy it! XD
Hopefully there are not mix-ups! I was really bad last chapter! LOL
(Credit to owners)
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 6 - Why

Hakyeon's P.O.V
After texting Y/N, I sighed, letting my arm fall down to my side.
Why is she having this effect on me?
I am getting all nervous and embarrassed around her.
I don't... like her... right?
I mean how could I? I have only known her for three days.
I think you are letting these encounters get to you too much Hakyeon.
The hand on your forehead and the hug from tonight. She obviously only sees me as a friend.
I rolled over on my side, staring at my wall to see that her light was still on.
I quickly shifted to see out the window better when I saw her silhouette flitting across the window.
Before I could figure out what was going on, the lights turned off and the room quickly darkened.
I moved back to laying down on my side and stared at her window.
I really hope she is doing okay.
I think Ken did something to her again. What an asshole.
If I see him tomorrow it will take everything I have not to punch him.
How could he hurt someone like Y/N?
I rolled back over on my sighed and tried to quickly dismiss the thoughts of him as I tried to fall asleep.
I glanced back over to make sure Y/N's light was still off before I crawled under my covers and started to drift away when I remembered something.
Oh yeah. Why was Y/N staring at me like that earlier today?
She looked like she had seen a ghost or something.
It threw me off for a second but I'm sure it was nothing.
No. She isn't Y/N. You have to stop thinking that Hakyeon.
You will find your Y/N in time.
You will.

Y/N's P. O. V

Waking up somehow before my alarm, I groggily sat up and yawned.
I reached for my phone to see that I had 7 new messages.
All from Ken.
I quickly dismissed them, throwing my phone back on my nightstand, not caring to see what he said.
I crawled out of bed and headed downstairs to see that my mom was making breakfast.
"Omo! You are up early! It's a miracle!" She cheered as she flipped the egg on the pan over.
"Shhh...it's too early for you to cheer." I whispered as I laid my head down on the table too exhausted to sit up right quite yet.
"So did Hakyeon end up coming over? I noticed that the food wasn't touched from last night."
"No...we decided to not study last night. We were both tired so we just went to bed. He is coming over this weekend instead." I explained to her.
"When. Saturday? Sunday?"
"Hmm...I don't know...I will ask him later...Why do you want to know..." I grumbled.
"Don't you remember what Sunday is?" She asked as she brought the food over to me and sat down across from me with a plate of her own.
I pondered for a second as I piled a huge spoonful of food in my mouth.
"No, what is it?" I asked.
"It's the anniversary of your Aunt and Uncle's death." She stated. I froze mid-chew, feeling like an idiot.
"Omo. I totally forgot. Sorry mom." I said, noticing her glare.
"We are having the service here this year so can you do your thing with him on Saturday?"
"Sure. That should work. Sorry again for forgetting. I will make up for it! Should I help you cook for it?!" I suggested, she laughed at my eagerness.
"Don't you remember what happened last year? You burned all the food. It was inedible."
"Oh yeah. Maybe I shouldn't help you cook..." I trailed off, shivering at the thought of the gross food from last year.
"Just dress nicely okay? That is all I need you to do."
"Call!" I said, giving her a thumbs up. We both laughed and continued eating our breakfast.
After we both finished, I grabbed both of our plates and washed them before I headed up and took a quick shower.
I put on my uniform and after unplugging my phone, I headed out the door, saying goodbye as I left.
I shut the door behind me and I turned to see Hakyeon at my gate, waiting for me just like he said he would. I smiled.
"Morning, Neighbor." I said, breaking him out of his trance as I neared him.
"Morning." He said, returning my smile.
I opened the gate and after locking it we started walking to school.
"So..." He started as he trailed off.
"Are you going to tell me what happened last night?" He asked, surprising me.
"Well..." I sighed. "Basically, Ken asked me to not see you anymore if I was continue to spend time with him."
"Wow, really?" I shook my head.
"Ridiculous, right? How could he ask that? I was extremely mad so I told him that, that was it. No more mind games and fighting over stupid things. I can't handle it everyday so I told him not to talk to me again." I explained. Hakyeon looked at me in shock.
"You chose me over him?" He whispered.
"Of course! Bros before hoes right?" He laughed at that, making me smile again.
"I am sorry that it happened though. He sounds like..."
"He has trust issues? He is needy? Possessive?" I interrupted, spouting off words.
"I was going to say an asshole but sure those too." He laughed. "Do you think he might try to talk to you? Like he might even try to show up at the garden?"
"I hope not. I don't want to see him." I sighed. "God I forgot we have that again today. We must be doing well though as I haven't heard anything from the principal yet." He nodded.
"Leo must just be happy seeing his garden being restored. He probably doesn't want to say anything yet until it is done so he makes sure we completely fix it."
"I can definitely seem him doing that. He may seem quiet but he is like an evil mastermind, I swear. He is planning to rule us all one day, I can see it." I chuckled.
"That is what is scary. I can see it too." He laughed along with me as we continued to trot along to school, almost there.
After a few more minutes we arrived at the gate and I froze at what I saw. Ken was waiting...again...at the front.
God doesn't he go inside the gate before school starts?
Hakyeon felt me freeze and followed my gaze to see Ken.
"Come on." He suddenly said, pulling me with him. "He won't get near you okay? I won't let him. Let's just go straight to class." I nodded, sticking close to Hakyeon as we walked towards the entrance.
I was staring at Ken, hoping he wouldn't see us until he turned around and met my gaze. His eyes widened at Hakyeon and I as we neared to where he was.
"Y/N!" He suddenly called out. Ignoring him, I continued with Hakyeon.
"Y/N! Please! Wait!" He yelled, breaking from the crowd of his fans to run after me.
I started to walk faster, trying to avoid confrontation when he suddenly grabbed me, making me stop.
"Y/N...Let me-"
"Let go of her." Hakyeon interrupted breaking Ken's hold as he went in between us.
"What are you her bodyguard or something?" Ken asked.
"I am just someone who is looking out for their friend. They one you have hurt repeatedly I might add. Why should I let her near you?" Hakyeon retorted.
"Because I need to talk-"
"Well she doesn't want to talk to you. So I would suggest leaving her alone or this could get out of hand, Mr. Student Body President." Hakyeon gave him a small smile as he turned around and grabbed my arm.
I looked back once at Ken to see that he looked hurt that I ignored him but at this point - I couldn't care less. I was done.
The next few days seemed to pass by after a long start to the week.
Ken continuously tried to contact me but I ignored all of his texts and calls and brushed by him whenever he would try to talk to me in the hallway. Luckily Hakyeon and Hongbin were usually there to help me get away as they knew that he wouldn't be able to stop me if they were there.
Hakyeon and I somehow managed to finish the rest of the garden on Thursday as we stayed longer than usual, hoping that we could get it done early. It took a lot of hard work but Leo said he would put in a good word with the Principal for us as we stuck to his word, giving me some hope that this wouldn't look detrimental on my permanent record.
Hakyeon and I also started to hang out and talk a lot more. We just seem to click. It's a weird feeling to feel so connected to someone you haven't known for long and fought with at the beginning, but I am definitely happy to have met him.
Despite the setback with Ken, I would say my life is great. As long as I ignore him, I hope it is enough for him to give up. I won't lie though. A little part of me wants to give him another chance but what Hakyeon and Hongbin said was right. This last time I gave him a chance I got hurt - again. If that was all that relationship was going to end up being - us hurting one another - then why even try; I don't need someone who doesn't trust or believe in what I say.
After not having to worry about the garden anymore, Hakyeon and I agreed to study all day Saturday so he could catch up and we could get some homework done after this incredibly long week. And lucky for me, he was a pretty quick learner, so it shouldn't be too bad. Let's just hope that it goes well, for his sake.


"Okay so when you divde both sides you get..."
"Yes!" I high-fived Hakyeon as he got the problem right.
"You are doing amazing. Are you sure you really needed help with this?" I asked, unsure of how I was even helping him.
"I thought so but you are a great teacher so I was able to catch on pretty fast."
"Well I am glad. Is there anything you need help on now that we finally finished math?" I asked. We had been doing problems for 3 hours straight and somehow Hakyeon was doing amazing. At this rate, he could even get to the top of the class.
"Hmm...let me see..." He started to rummage through his backpack and took out his other books and binders. After flipping through pages and looking at assignments, he looked back at me and sighed.
"Uh-Oh. I don't like the sound of that sigh. What is it?" I asked, curious as to what made him sigh.
"I have to do the ancestry tree for History and I have no idea where to start."
"Oh you mean the one where we have to make a list of our relatives and everything?" He nodded.
"I totally forgot about that too! I need to do mine!" I suddenly said, grabbing it out from my binder as I mentally hit myself for forgetting about it. I guess with everything else that happened it just slipped my mind.
"And it's due Monday! I can't believe I forgot..." Hakyeon laughed at me.
"Well, it looks like we can do it together. It says on the sheet that we can go...Ancestry.com? or something like that?" I scanned the page, looking for the details.
"Yeah, I see that too. Let me go grab my laptop real quick and we can search both of ours up." I quickly ran upstairs and after unplugging my charger and taking it with me, I headed back to living room and took a seat besides Hakyeon.
"Okay...Ancestry.com...found it! Want to do yours first?" I asked.
"Sure. This might take a bit though, is that okay?" He asked, taking the laptop from my hands.
"Definitely! And while I am waiting for you to do yours, I will make us some food. All that teaching made me hungry." Hakyeon gave me a thumbs up as I got up and headed to the kitchen.
For about 30 minutes, I was able to whip us up something that I could cook without making inedbile and I came back and handed him a plate.
"Thank you." He said, grabbing it from my hands and placing it on his side as to not spill on my laptop.
"Sure. How is it going? Find out anything interesting?" I asked, leaning over to look at the screen.
"Not really. My family was pretty boring it seems, but the site is trustworthy for sure. It had my parents names and birthdays and all my relatives on there so it was easy to finish my tree. Now that I am done, should we take a look at yours?" I nodded, placing my plate down as we switched places so I could use my laptop.
"Oooo, I am excited! Maybe I will find out that I am like royalty or something." I said.
"Sure...royal of the idiots." He laughed, making me give him a glare at his teasing.
"Yah! Just because you aren't doesn't mean I can't be-" I froze mid-sentence when I looked at the screen, my eyes not leaving it.
"What. What does it-" Hakyeon peeked over to see what I was staring at and stopped at what I saw.
No...that's impossible. This must be someone else's profile.
I tried typing in my name again to only be met with the same page.
I stared at the names above my head - the ones that were supposed to be for my parents - and recognized that they were my deceased aunt and uncle's names, their pictures attached.
I quickly put the laptop down and started pacing around the room, as Hakyeon continued to stare at the screen, shocked.
What does this even mean...
My mom is my...aunt? And my father is my...uncle?
This can't be true.
As I continued to pace, thoughts circling my head, the front door suddenly opened, revealing the one person I thought would be the only one to never lie to me - about anything.
She closed the door behind her and saw us and just about jumped.
"Omo. What are you two doing? You guys look spooked. You weren't watching something scary were you?" She went and headed to the kitchen and placed what I could only guess to be groceries on the table.
"Because if so, you know I can't handle scary movies-"
"Mom..." I whispered, my voice breaking.
"I get horrible nightmares and-"
"Mom!" I cried out, my cool gone. She looked over at me and noticed that I was a mess. Panicking she came closer to me.
"Y/N...Are you okay? Did something happen to you?" She asked, glancing between Hakyeon and I to see if she could figure out what was going on.
The tears that have I had been holding in, broke free and stared to slowly drop down onto my cheeks.
"Honey, what's wrong?" My mom - or who I thought was - reached out to grab me and when I backed away she looked pained to see me do so.
"You...lied to me..." I whispered, barely coming out any louder than a whisper. She looked taken back by my words.
"What do you mean-"
"You aren't my real mom, are you?" I asked, glancing up for the first time to look at her face. Her eyes widened at my response and she started to stutter, something she only does when she gets nervous.
"W-What do you mean sweetie. I-I am-"
"No. You aren't. According to this ridiculous website -" I pointed at my laptop, her eyes following it, "You are my aunt. Why...why does it say that?" She froze at my words - unable to respond, only leading me to believe that what I saw is real.
"Why did you lie to me all these years..." I cried out, inable to hold back my sobs any longer.
"I-I...I never meant to-"
"Is my fath- uncle...really dead then? Or did you lie about that too?" I spat, feeling broken. I looked at her and realized that she was a mess now as well, the tears staining her face.
"No. I would never lie about that. He really did pass away from brain cancer when you were six." She sobbed. "But...I am not your biological mother, Y/N." She cried out. My heart felt like it was stabbed when she said the one thing I never thought I would hear her say to me.
"W-Why," I said, my voice croaked as I sniffled. "Why would you lie to me about that!"
"To protect you! How could I tell a little girl that her parents were gone right after she was in an accident, not remembering anyt-" She stopped herself short.
"I...was in the accident with them?" I was horrified. I had no recollection of anything like that. I then went back to what she ended with, the words ringing in my head. "Before not remembering what?" I asked, curious to see what else she could have kept from me these last 12 years.
She sighed, emotionally drained and exhausted but she continued anyways.
"Right after the accident, when I got the news of your parents passing, I was devastated. I knew that you were going to be so upset and so when I went in to see how you were doing, something had changed..." she trailed off. I looked at her confused.
"What. What had changed." I stared at her as she looked at me, anger the only feeling I could feel right now. "Please. Enlighten me."
"When I went to see you...you had...lost all your memories from before the accident. From before you were six." I stared at her in shock. My legs betraying me, I started to back up, trying to take this all in.
"In the accident, something hit the back of your head. It had caused severe damage to your brain, affecting your memories." She cried. I slowly brought my hand up to feel the spot that I always knew was haunting me in some way or another. Everything now makes sense. Why I didn't have any memories...why I knew there was something different about me but I couldn't quite make it out. But now, I know...
Too shocked to absorb what all was happening, I kept slowly backing up, wanting to run away from all of this when my mo- Sook-Joo continued through her tears to explain herself.
"S-So when you looked at me and called me mommy, what was I suppose to do! I had just lost my sister and my brother-in-law and the fact that you didn't remember them scared me. So then I thought...what if she didn't have to know the truth... she didn't have to know about something so horrible. I did to to protect you..." She whispered, her voice cracking as she spoke. I looked back at her in disgust.
"You," I pointed at her, "Didn't tell me to...protect me? Bullshit." I cried. "You were protecting yourself. You believed that it would be easier for you to just raise me on my own so you wouldn't have to deal with how broken I would have been if you did tell me!" I hissed.
"N-No," Sook-Joo was beyond words at this point and had no idea what to say. "I didn't do it for me..."
"Don't lie to me. I can't take anymore lies. You lied to me for 12 years. You didn't even think to tell me once, during that time?"
"I didn't know how to! I thought that I could-"
"What. Hide it from me forever? Well, looks like the gig is up. You don't have to lie anymore." I stormed out of the house, ignoring her calling out to me, as I tried to run away from it all.

Hakyeon's P.O.V

I was in disbelief at everything that just took place.
After Y/N ran out the door, slamming it behind her, her aunt fell to the ground, sobbing into her hands.
I ran over to her side.
"I will go after Y/N. I won't leave her out of my sight. I promise." I left her on the floor and went to chase after her.
Running around in circles, I spotted her turning a corner and I instantly ran.
I can't believe it.
If what she is saying is true then...
This Y/N is my Y/N.
Her parents pictures were exactly the same as my Y/N's parents.
That is it. I should have always known, as soon as I saw her that it was her but this confirms it.
I continuously sprinted, trying to catch up with her when I saw her on the ground.
After getting to her, I heard the familiar sound I have been hearing this last week - the sound of her crying.
She didn't look up as I neared her and went to sit in front of her.
It broke me to see her this way.
"Y/N." I whispered. She looked up to see me and continued to cry.
"W-Why me, Hakyeon..." She sniffled. "W-Why can't I just have a normal life? Why..." She sobbed, not knowing what else to do, I leaned forward and held her in my arms. I know it wasn't much but when I felt her arms wrap around me, squeezing me tight, I knew that I could at least help her this way.
I know now is definitely not the right time to tell her everything but now that I have found her again, the Y/N I have been looking for - I am not letting her leave my sight again.

Well...all that happened...

I promise I am not trying to torture poor Y/N or something but well at least the cat is out of the bag! Y/N now knows! But what will happen between her and Hakyeon when she finds out that she was the one he was looking for? And will more memories start to resurface?
Find out next time on Turn-Up Thursday! XD
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