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Yep. We all know this coming. Even some who have never ventured into the world of cosplay have started dressing the part of a Pokemon Go trainer - and I did it. While you could cosplay Blanche, Spark or Candela, you can also just cosplay a general trainer.
Check out some awesome Pokemon Go related cosplays I found already!
This one by Nipha is amazing!!!
This adorable pokestop!!! I want to do this so badly lol.
More people went to cons as their avatars, too!
Even Yaya got in on the fun!

Alright so....what am I gonna do?

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These are so awesome!😄
I really gotta hang around people like this more often.
So cute! I made Pokemon costumes for Halloween for my son, myself, and a friend. Now the son wants a Pokemon Go outfit, too. Lol, looks like that's next. ^_^
I totally want to do this. I love all of these. ♡