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The room began to shake, Baek rolled off his bed and curled up into the corner. When it stopped, he started to sob, his heart was pounding hard, he wiped the tears away. Then he heard a voice from the other side of the wall. "Baek, is that you?" He wiped the rest of his tears away realizing it was Lay's voice coming through the wall. "Yixing?" "Yes it's me. Are you okay?" Yixing asked "I think so. I don't know what's happened." his voice was shaky. He stood up, putting his ear to the wall. "I don't know either." Then he heard someone above him, calling out and pounding on their floor. Then with much relief, he heard every one of his hyungs' voices. Junmyeon being the leader he is, starting calling out everyone's names and everyone answered back. With his knees shaking, Baek slowly stepped toward the front of his room to where it looked like there was an opening with a blanket over it. The blanket started to move and he quickly moved back, he nearly screamed when he seen a pair of long legs dangling from above. He quickly stepped forward to help Sehun climb down. They hugged at the sight of one another. "I think we can climb down, hyung, its not too far." Sehun said pushing the blanket forward. "See... its just a big curtain covering the entrance." Baek peeked out and seen Junmyeon looking up at him, he looked over and seen Chan down below inching his way across to Junmyeon. Minsoek and Kyungsoo were climbing down already. Yixing touched his shoulder, startling him a bit, Jongdae standing behind him. "Lets climb down guys." Yixing said. Once they were all in Junmyeon's room, they all sat at the back, huddled together still in their nightwear. Their leader took count again, looking at each of their faces, "Where's Jongin? When I called your names earlier, I heard him, what happened to him?" Kyungsoo jumped up, "He might have fallen back to sleep. Where was he at, where did you hear him call from?" Junmyeon pointed to the right of him. Kyungsoo nervously went out. A minute later, he returned with Jongin right behind him, tightly holding onto Kyungsoo's arm, looking dazed and confused. With everyone accounted for, Junmyeon sat with the rest of them. Everyone was scared, confused, but he knew he had to get answers and figure out what happened, how they got there. "okay" he said quietly, trying to be as comforting as possible, "does anyone have any idea?" Minseok sat up, "Last thing I remember is going to bed, Yixing and I headed back to the room after we ate... and that was it," he said and Yixing agreed with him. Everyone nodded, agreeing that was what they all did. They had a late dinner and headed back to their rooms to sleep. They all tried to remember anything else but there was nothing. Baek trying to lighten his mood a bit, mentioned the nice dream he had, they all looked at him with wide eyes. "A black suv, we were in a black suv..." Jongdae said first, "and it was warm, the air was sweet like flowers and honey." He smiled softly thinking about it. "And Sehun wanted to go run through the field" Jongin said with a big smile, they all laughed. Sehun huffed, "What is this? I'm never sharing a dream with any of you ever again." "The woman. There was a woman that was singing to us." Baek said remembering it clearly, "I had seen her in the hotel, in the hallway right before..." he looked at Chan. "Right before I found you sitting on the floor?" Chan asked. Baek nodded. They all sat quietly thinking about the dream, about that woman. Then Junmyeon, pulled himself together. "We need to find out WHERE we are. I think we need to go now." He stood up, the ceiling of his room was just a couple feet above him. They all stood up. Jongdae being the fearless one, went ahead first, then they all lined up, each holding onto the others shirt tail of the one in front of them. They inched their way along the curtain that was blocking their rooms to an opening to the side. Jongdae went out first. The others cringed back a bit when they heard him gasp, all of them ready to run back into Junmyeon's room. "You guys gotta see this." Jongdae said in amazement, "Come out, come out!" he pulled the curtain forward and pulled on Junmyeon's hand to pull him out into the open. Junmyeon's mouth dropped open, as did everyone else as they each came out, still clinging to one another. "What the hell happened to us?" Minseok asked looking up at the huge bed across the room. "How did...why is everything so big?" Baek shook his head in disbelief, "I don't think everything got big, I think we got small."
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