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Don't scroll down if you don't want to say ouchie and/or if you're not caught up on Re:Zero!

Btw, this image above is how I've felt about re:zero.....and perfectly reflects what is below.


Since a super painful episode of Re:Zero is supposed to come out tomorrow, I thought I'd share this in advance. You know, so we can wallow in our pain & misery before going out to find some more. Yay pain :'(
Btw, who's that girl with Subaru.....?

I'm sorry.

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@Animetenshizo ok, then yea i know who rem is, but because of what happened in the last episode i was joking but saying i didn't know because after the white whale episode it was like she never existed
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@paultipps323 I realize that. It's been a week since I saw that one.
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Anyone else surprised with the death in that one?
a year ago·Reply
This episode wasn't that bad
a year ago·Reply
@ColtynGriffith 17 got slow after the whale.
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