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GUYS. GUYYYYYS. It's the guy who sings the original “Pokémon Theme,"Jason Paige,singing it again....woah. It's been 18 years since then, and he still sounds the same! Pretty amazing stuff that also makes me feel pretty old. I know a lot of us watched the originals when we were younger or even more recently so I felt like with all the Pokemon hype these days it'd be fun to share :D
On a side note, anyone else side-eyeing Ash running as fast as Arcanine and Rapidash?

Now, let's sing along!

Did anyone else seriously fan-girl, or was that just me? And yes, I sang along.
the memories
gd guys!!! I've had this song stuck in my head for three days already. I was singing it at work even. and it just so happens to be the first post I see today! lmfao
Oh the nostalgia
a better question is how Zubat is carrying Squirtle near the end because Bulbasaur I believe is using vine whip to hold onto Butterfree and Pikachu is on Pidgeotto's back
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