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There was loud booming sound coming from the other side of the huge door. They all ran in circles, yelling and trying to find a place to hide. The door opened and closed. Jongin was the first to smell it, it was food, he sighed holding his tummy, biting his lip. Sehun pressed his finger to his mouth, telling him to be quiet. They watched as the giant girl put the tray down and then go over to the cubbie they had been in, she pulled the blanket up and peeked in. She looked around, looked under the bed. "I know you must be frightened." she said softly. She stood in the middle of the room, listening for any sounds. She turned around and picked up the tray and placed it on the floor. Carefully putting nine tiny dishes of food on the floor in front of the cubbie, she even placed small cups down and poured water into each, "And I am pretty sure you're all hungry, so I brought you some food. You don't have to be afraid, I won't hurt you." She said and waited. The smell of the food was making their tummies grumble. She heard it and laughed. "That's not funny! You brought us here against our will and try to bribe us with food" She looked in the direction she heard it come from. Then she heard another voice from another direction, "Don't be mean, she's just a little girl.", and then another "But it's true, we have been kidnapped and made into dolls for her to play with!" They were mad, she could tell they were mad. Their words made her feel bad, she wanted to cry, she climbed up onto her bed and held her pillow, burying her face into it. "See, now you made her cry you big meanie!" Yixing said coming out into the open. He smiled at her, "Don't cry, see I'll eat your food." He sat down and started to eat. He was so hungry, he didn't care anymore about the situation only that he didn't want to see her cry anymore. He looked back at Kyungsoo and Junmyeon, they slowly came out and sat in front of a plate of food. One by one they all came out. Sehun stood looking down at his plate, "If I weren't so hungry, I would kick this plate over." Jongin grabbed him by the arm and pulled him down to eat, "And I want coffee!" he said with mouth full of food. Chanyeol slapped him on the back of the head and told him to stop. The little girl peeked over her pillow, watching them in awe. All nine were here, she was so happy. She waited for them to finish eating before saying anything but she would also wait for them to ask their questions. She remembered what her grandma had told her; let them eat, then let them speak, and answer their questions honestly. She couldn't help but think this is the best birthday ever.
The Audience: @yay12 @HayleyYates
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