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yes yes yes. Heartbreaks, they suck. They torture you. I begged and chased. I did everything a woman isn't supposed to do. Now, a new chapter begins. God knows I did everything. If I had some imperfections that made him fall out, I exerted too much effort to try to win him back. I say enough is enough. Someday, God will lead the right man to me. So thank you for letting me go. Yes, he is one good looking man, but certainly it was not true love. True love doesn't fade. I deserve better.
Kathrin, whats gone is gone. Never cry for past. Look ahead in life. You will get what u r worth and what u deserve. When someone loves you and left u and didn't come back than it proves it was not love in the first place. So, take it positively.
just remember life always gets better