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You could wait for a million years  For the same person who’ll never come,  You could wait for a lifetime  And still can’t accept he’s gone,  You could cry all your heart out  And just hoping he would wash your tears away…  But for how long would you choose to suffer  For that same person you can’t change?  You are not in control of everything.  There are things that are so hard to attain.  Even love fails, like a long test with a passing grade.  And when you know you have done your best,  And still nothing comes to place?  That’s the perfect reason to rest your heart  And let go of something you can’t change…  Feel your heart, hear it beat.  Know that you are alive, and so is he.  I know he can’t feel your heart beat,  Like him not feeling yours.  You are two different persons,  Your life doesn’t depend on him alone.  Give this world your smile  For you are still alive without him at your side.  Letting go is not giving up.  For fighting for something that is impossible  Is like risking your life to save a ghost.  Stand up, one step at a time.  Face the world with no turning back.  Never stop walking, just go straight ahead.  There’s a bright light towards you,  Follow it for that’s the place where you should be.  Let the world know you still exist,  Because even when you stop?  Life still goes on.  Open your eyes to the truth  That you are still alive  And still capable of being happy  Even without him by your side