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As an information: This ranking is in no particular order. 5. Qwaser Qwaser of Stigmata is an anime about people called Qwaser who have special powers and use those powers to battle each other. That sounds pretty standard for anime, but the twist here is that Qwasers need to feed off breast milk to replenish their powers. Yes, you read that right, breast milk. Naturally, there is a lot of breast-sucking going on in this anime. This is probably the most “wtf” anime that has come out this year. 4. Moyashimon Moyashimon is about a college boy that can see and communicate with microbes. I guess no one told the producers that microbes aren’t complex enough to think on the same level as us, not to mention that the microbes don’t look anything like what they’re supposed to. This is meant to be an educational anime too. 3. Pokemon Okay, why is Pokemon on this list? Well well well, let's rethink the plot shall we? We have Ash Ketchum, who wants to catch'em (the Pokemon) all (Note the clever pun). He, a 10 year old boy, goes out into the world to catch and train Pokemon. So far so good. Problem is: he has been doing this for over 10 years. Wait no. Has it been 15 already? Poor Ash, he has been stuck in a weird time-loophole for 15 years keeping him young, fresh and 11 all this time. This is not the worst part. He seems to live in a world with higher evolved technology but they haven't even conquered their whole world yet, depending on a small boy to clear the white areas on their world map. He is being mentored by the incompetent Dr. Oak, who has been working on the research of Pokemon but didn't even discover that there is apparently more than just the 150 pokemon. Also: Ash is doomed to never succeed his dream, he has NEVER won a pokemon league so far and I don't see him winning any soon. He tries he fails and then moves on to the next continent. "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was" sounds to me like cruel mockery. 2. Yakitate Japan There are anime about various sports and board games, but Yakitate Japan is the only anime about baking bread. Most people know the basic process for baking bread: you get some flour and water, knead it into dough, and bake it. Yakitate Japan gets into the nitty-gritty details of bread baking and actually manages to pull off being serious and funny at the same time. It certainly makes baking seem a million times more exciting than it actually is. 1. Unko-san I have a feeling that the idea for Unko-san came about while someone was taking a dump on the toilet. The title can be translated as “Mr. Feces” and from that you can probably tell what this anime involves. It’s about a poo fairy that lives on lucky island and brings good luck to all of his other poo friends. Apparently some people find it cute, but I prefer my poo flushed down the toilet and not floating around some island.
Watched several episodes of Qwaser...was shocked, I felt double offended cuz the main character was Russian (I'm russian), so couldn't stand neither tits sucking scenes nor that horrible parody on russian language.... have no idea what kind of weed the producers smoked to produce this anime.......IMHO
@Piupiupenguin I've actually seen poop characters before so.. lol
@minjaeturtles really? No problem with the poop Anime xD?
1-4 sound like plausible animes but #5 is just...disturbing....lol
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