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18 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Days 2 & 3
Day 2: Your all time favorite Asian Drama?
It's hard to pick between these two, so I did them both! 馃榿 & both of them have 'God' in them; is this a sign?
Master: God of Noodles was great. So many gasps, 'oh no's,' 'you better not's,' 'what the hell's,' & much more. I mentioned it in a previous card, but Baro from B1A4 is in the drama too as the younger Kim Gil Do (dude on the right) & that just added to the joy I got out of this show. It's a great drama & I think I may have actually shed a tear or two in one of the opening episodes. I got my friend started on it too, which is great, because she's telling me what parts she's on & asking questions & she has all these theories & I can just sit back & think 'HA! you are SO wrong
Honestly, I have this thing for thrill, plot twisty, crime related dramas, so that could be another reason why I didn't like the following drama.
Day 3: Your least favorite Asian Drama?
**Just a note, I didn't finish this drama, so I may just have a bad impression of it because I've only seen the first few episodes & it may actually get better; I just don't know because I couldn't watch it anymore.**
I really wanted to like this show, but I couldn't get into it. I was talking to the screen, telling people what to do, what to say, & to not to be so stupid more than usual. & I only made it to the 2nd episode. It was exhausting. lol.
I think I was more upset with the fact that the female lead just let her friend basically take over this part of her life & she just literally watched & gave instructions on what the girl should do & say from the sidelines. & the dude doesn't notice anything off.
It would have taken less effort to go into your friend's closet, get a nice outfit, & say, 'hey, we actually passed each other yesterday, but I looked like crap & I couldn't let you see me like that.'
See him that first day, let him see you look like crap (even though she really looked fine to me. idk what she was freaking out about, but maybe that's another reason I was so upset too. YOU...LOOK...FINE.) & then if you want to make sure he has a better second impression of you, doll yourself up for the second encounter.
idk, I guess there's not much of a story line there, but it would have made me less angry & I may have actually finished the drama. lol.
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I really enjoyed she was pretty but I almost gave up one it in episode 4 but something told me to push ahead with it. but the story line becomes better. it about self improvement and learning to love on self despite our insecurities. it about turning those insecurities to something you should be proud of plus siwon was hilarious. I loved his character the most. I was so routing for him. haven't seen the other too though they are both on my list. she easy pretty isn't my favorite drama but is definitely one I did enjoy watching the first time around not sure if I'll watch it a second time
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@cindystran It's in my queue! I said I was going to watch it after 'God of Noodles,' but then 'Wanted' happened. lol. @VeronicaArtino ok, ok. I'll have to keep the overall message in mind for the next time. I was just afraid the whole show was gonna be about her always watching from afar & wishing she could approach him, but never doing it. 馃槪 & Siwon was one of the reasons I started watching! lol.
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I saw "She Was Pretty" and absolutely loved it, yes the best friend did seem like she was betraying but in the end they were so close that not even a man would come between them. They drama itself was really funny and cute!
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She was pretty has been in my queue for aeons.....I should really watch it
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For me it is Healer and I hear your voice
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