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Set Sail with the best crew
Honwstly i love it when they leave an island they usually have that short break, witch is always funny. @luffynewman@kurosakijess@nimm14@chrisstephens@hunnaballue@corywilkening@razchaosrender@jmafw
The only filler episode I liked of one piece was one of those episodes. The one after thriller bark where brook tries to find what to do and just absolutely sucks at everything he tried. it was hilarious
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@tylervann48 lol true but he was good a playing good music 🎶
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@DevilsSon yeah but in the episode he didn't try that at all. He tried to cook with sanji, messed that up bad, tried meditating with zoro, was super loud the whole time, and he tried other stuff too but he was just bad at it. it was awesome.
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