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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao What: Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU Chapter 9 Story: You were his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N'S POV Nine weeks. It took you two nine weeks to get to this hell. Nine weeks of love being rekindled and remembering what it was like to go out and have fun. When things settled down at work you made time for him. You made sure he knew you loved him, you stopped talking to Tao on the chat and Tao said he understood. Nine fucking weeks to end up back in the same shit hole you two were in months ago but now it was much worse. You were at Sehun's place now recalling everything. *Nine weeks earlier* Chanyeol had taken you to the same market area that you had your first date at. He held your hand tight and wouldn't let it go, interlocking his fingers with yours and showing no signs of letting go. He walked you down the same paths and reminded you of the things you two bought. Back then neither one of you were busy with work, Chanyeol wasn't super famous so he didn't have to hide his face like he was now. You had all the time in the world back then so you spent a few extra hours getting yourself ready for the date. Now you two were both clad in sweatpants and a hoodie. Still, you were amazed by how much he remembered about your first date. He even ordered you ice cream and reminded you when he told you, you had some on the corner of your face. He didn't let you wipe it off; he licked it off instead and then you both stood their embarrassed. You were realizing it just now, Chanyeol wasn't that bold with the ladies. Sure he was popular in school from what you heard and he had a lot of girls following him but he was never so confident with asking them out. He was never confident with kissing either. Even when he licked the ice cream away he moved slow and hesitantly like he was wondering if it would be alright to do something like that. You gave a small smile at that; Sehun said he was different with you and you never really understood what he meant until now. Now, over the years, he'd become a lot more confident in his effect over the ladies but you had thought you were the only one he'd ever see. When images of him sleeping with Gi that first day started flooding back into your head, you tried to shake them out of your mind. The important thing was that both of you were trying and Chanyeol really did seem to want to make it work. He lead you to the tree he kissed you under and told you to remember how hot it was outside. He told you to remember what it was like to be under the shade to finally cool down. You were worried you were going to get sun burn because your shoulders were exposed that day. It was winter now, no snow had fallen but it was cold and you would've given anything to be in that hot sun. You wrapped your arms around yourself and he repeated the same action he did on the first date. He placed his hand on the tree behind you just next to your head. He looked you straight in the eye and leaned in slowly. Again you noticed how back then the reason he leaned in so hesitantly was because he wasn't as confident but now he was. He was moving in slow to remind you of everything, to bring back that feeling you had when you two first truly kissed. When his lips touched yours, your hands moved to cup his face. His lips molding over yours sending a tingle through your body. Soft and gentle very much like the first time you two kissed. The memory came back like it was just yesterday, how could he remember all these things but still do what he did. You pushed it away again. There was more anger and doubt there, you never really voiced how angry you were, even what you said to him earlier wasn't even an eighth of how much you had wanted to say. You wondered if you had called him out on it months ago would he have stopped, would things be easier to repair? Still you didn't want to leave him and you had always feared if you had told him you knew he would leave you. You had waited so long for him to walk through the door to tell you he was leaving you for his back up dancer but he never did. He said she was just a fuck buddy and as despite how much girls loved to be called such sweet names, you couldn't help but wonder if she felt the same way? Was he just someone to pass the time with? Yet again you pushed it all away, he was trying that was what you were chanting to yourself. You loved him so try with him, fix everything. You didn't believe you two were so beyond broken that nothing could be fixed but you weren't wrong earlier. You couldn't forget and you weren't really sure you ever said you forgave him. The fact of the matter was you hadn't, you weren't sure if you could yet. It still hurt and you two had only been trying to make things work for a month. It was only a month ago that he confessed to his terrible behavior. Push it away, push it away, push it away. Push. It. AWAY! You're brain wouldn't stop analyzing everything. Why did he cheat? He explained why but you weren't satisfied with that answer. Why didn't he just leave you? He said he loved you. Why can't you forgive him? Because, you were in hell for more than six months and you still weren't sure you were out of it. You couldn't scream at the top of your lungs that he had hurt you so bad every day for months that it got hard to even look at him in the eye and pretend to be happy. You both faked it for so long. You couldn't forget their moans and bodies rubbing up against each other, you couldn't forget anything.... But you loved him and that's why you stayed. You weren't innocent either, you had been speaking to Mr.Sandman, you used him as a distraction from your hell and ended up finding someone you could truly connect with. You and Chanyeol could talk for hours but you and Tao could speak for a life time. You had told him so much about yourself that you amazed yourself. You didn't even know it was Tao you were talking to and you just revealed so much about yourself to him without a second thought. That's how easy it was to talk to him. That's how easy it was to be around him and he knew exactly how to push each one of your buttons. He left you with a lingering regret that you didn't give him permission to kiss you. He could make you angry and happy in one sentence. He had too much power over you but in turn you had enough will power to keep yourself contained. It didn't stop you from growing feelings for him though. He was like how Chanyeol had started out, he was a friend that started to grow into something more. Which lead you to making the decision that you had to let him know, you two couldn't hang out anymore. At least not for a while, he couldn't keep invading your dreams, he couldn't keep competing with Chanyeol. You two had to accept the fact that you weren't going to be together. No matter what happens with you and Chanyeol, Tao would still be with Ok and that wouldn't change. Chanyeol slowly pulled away from your lips, you were looking at him with half opened eyes. Your eyes were shifted to your hand playing with his ear. His forehead touched yours and his hands softly grabbed your waist. He chuckled and you looked back at him to hear him say, "You called me monkey after that." You smiled softly, "I've never seen someone cringe so hard at a name before." "It came out of no where." "I was just saying I like your ears but it kind of made you look like a monkey." you giggled. With that memory, all your troubles were forgotten for a moment. "So you're in love with a monkey?" "Yes obviously but a very cute monkey." you smiled bigger. He laughed and leaned down lower to kiss the side of your neck. "You remember after this I took you back to my house to make love to you." "Ugh don't say that." you cringed yourself. "Why not it's nothing new," he stood up. His hands began to move around your body as he continued, "I've seen every inch of this sexy body, I've touched it, kissed it ...licked it." "See now you're just talking dirty." You sighed playfully. "You bring it out in me and I love you for it. You've done so much for me and I've done so little for you that I really just don't deserve someone like you but I can't stand the thought of letting you go. I love you." You nodded, "I love you too." And you thought that he had meant it, that he was going to behave, that maybe you could relax. So over the course of the next few weeks you two started talking more. You texted him when you had a break at work. He'd call you to see how you were. Sehun started giving you rides back to work and to the house again so you got to start talking to him more which made you happy. Sehun wished you two the best but you always felt like he had some reserve about you too staying together. The day finally came when you worked up the courage and the right words to tell Tao you two couldn't talk anymore over the chat. "I think I like you Tao, I think I like you too much and I can't let those feelings cross the line because I know I still love Chanyeol. So I think for a little while we shouldn't talk on the chat room anymore. We can still hang out and talk as friends but we maybe shouldn't eat out alone anymore." you told him. He looked you in the eye, he didn't look disappointed but there was a quick hint of pain. He nodded and said, "I understand besides as long as I get to keep talking to you I don't mind. You're about the only one I can have a conversation with aside from Yifan." "Yeah but most of your conversations consists of you yelling at him to fix his face." you chuckled. Tao nodded with a laugh of his own. Things were a little different between you two after that. You were distancing yourself from him a bit and he knew that. You knew he knew that and he wasn't trying to pull you back in out of respect for your relationship but it always made you wonder. That last text he sent you over the chat came to mind. Mr.Sandman: He knows about us, how you're Dreamgirl and I'm Mr.Sandman and he doesn't want to lose to me...But he will. He was so confident in that last text you wondered why he was just letting you be with Chanyeol so easily. You decided not question it, you two were working on your relationship and you had cut any inappropriate ties to Tao for that exact reason. The pictures for your photo shoot came out in GQ and you couldn't be happier with the turn out. They showed an outfit from Monroe's side of the line and then two outfits from both yours and Tao's side of the line. The front cover was with you and Tao on the front as requested by Mr. Huang. Both you and Tao were excited about it and they did your hair and make up so well. They went with the picture of Tao standing in front of you, his left hand in his pocket and his head cocked to the left just slightly. He was wearing a midnight black suit with a white dress shirt below. The top half was slightly unbuttoned and that's where they had you place your hand. You were standing behind him but you had to stand up on a large block to be taller than him. Your hand was under the white dress shirt but touching his collar bone and going no deeper. Your other hand wrapped around his left side and came up like it was trying to meet with your right hand. You had a red ascot on and a midnight black skirt and suit jacket. You had a white dress shirt below so your outfits almost completely mirrored each other. You both had a sort of sultry look on your faces which is probably why a rumor started around that you two made such an attractive couple. Despite how proud of the pictures you were, Chanyeol wasn't entirely pleased with the rumors starting up but you pacified him enough that he didn't get too out of hand with his jealousy. The other pictures for the feature in the magazine showed you and Tao looking at Yixing while Tao he was yelling at Yifan which made you laugh. Then there was one with you and Monroe looking at the designs for one of the outfits and another of Tao with Monroe and they looked to be in a deep discussion. The last one was of all three of you holding hands. It was a front profile picture and you were in the middle of the two men. Monroe had his free hand over his mouth as he laughed, your mouth was open and one of your legs lifted up behind you while you held both boys hands. Your eyes were either closed or slightly open you couldn't tell and Tao had a big smile on but he looked almost shy like he didn't want to laugh but he couldn't help it. You went to Chanyeol's live performance and he did his song 'Love died' and every emotion he had expressed in the song of how you two were just breaking a part had sent you into a crying fit. You walked away to go to the bathroom before you could hear what he was performing after it. That moment you had just let it go, you didn't care anymore that he had cheated, you didn't care anymore that you didn't say anything to him. You loved him and for some reason that song had proved that he loved you. Even though he was being faithful to you, you couldn't entirely believe it but when performed that song he didn't hold back. You could hear it in his voice a few times that it sounded like he was going to cry during it. It seemed no matter how much he practiced it he couldn't stop himself from almost getting choked up. So when you two went home that night you had finally told him you forgave him. You told him it didn't matter anymore to you, you forgave him. You told him you loved him and he told you he loved you. That was supposed to be how your story ended. That was supposed to be how the princess and the prince lived happily ever after. That was supposed to be how you two moved on from all your past bullshit and just loved each other. Healed wounds and reforming trust maybe one day get married and start a family but no... Life wasn't that good to you two, something or someone in the heavens and stars did not want you to end up with Park Chanyeol. *Present day* You had fallen into a bit of a slump after everything with the winter line had finished. It was exhausting working on things like that but it was so much fun and you were even more excited when Mr. Huang asked you to become a designer for the company. He told you he'd miss you as his assistant but your talents were best used else where. That was a high compliment coming from him and even Tao was surprised but he was also proud of you. So you started getting a little busier again and Chanyeol would complain about it here and there but ultimately you two were fine. It wasn't like you two were barely seeing each other anymore. Chanyeol had texted you earlier that day that he wanted you to stop by the studio for lunch, he would've preferred for you to drive over there and then you could ride together to the restaurant rather than just meet up there. That was fine with you so you said your goodbyes to Tao and told him you'd meet up later. He was going out to lunch with Yifan. It was funny to you that Ok hadn't shown up around the job in a long time. She was usually always there especially around lunch to bug the hell out of him but you hadn't seen her in such a long time and you two stopped bringing up your relationships to each other so you didn't ask. Yifan had been Tao's main lunch buddy for a while. You three had lunch once when Chanyeol canceled, you liked Yifan he was funny. Well not really funny he was silly. You walked into the studio to see Ok by the front counter. What, was she here to try and tell Chanyeol that she was cheating on him again? That was kind of sad. You sighed and walked up to the receptionist and said, "Hey how are you?" "H-hi Ms. Y/N w-what are you doing here?" she stammered. She seemed exceptionally nervous today but you thought maybe it had more to do with Ok than it did you. After all she was talking to her the whole time, "I'm here to see Chanyeol we were supposed to be meeting up for lunch today. Is Sehun in though I can go annoy him while Chanyeol's finishing up." you said. "You know your way around here don't you girly?" Ok mused. You looked at her plainly and nodded, "Well Sehun his my high school friend and I am dating Chanyeol. I think it would make sense to even you." Her jaw clenched at the smart ass remark you politely dished out to her. You turned back to the receptionist and she answered, "Um, no Sehun actually left out with Junmyeon a little while ago." "Ah man Junnie was here, I keep missing him. It's been a while since I've hung out with the boys. Anyway, I think I'll go hurry Chanyeol along." you said. "Wait!" she called hastily. You turned around shocked and she got nervous again and sat down. "I mean, he should be out soon wouldn't you rather wait out here?" "Well I'm on a limited time schedule if we're going to eat I kind of need to get him moving now. I'll be quick." You said. She took in a shaky breath looking at you with scared eyes. You looked at Ok wondering what she said to her to make her act like that. You walked down the hall anyway to Chanyeol's studio and opened the door. No one was in the front half but then you turned your head. Behind the sound proof glass was Chanyeol and Gi once again fucking each other. You saw her turn her head and smile at you but it didn't seem like she was going to let Chanyeol know you were there. She didn't want him to stop. You walked out confused, what the hell just happened? You walked back down the hallway and looked to the receptionist, "Um, I got called back to the office. Chanyeol doesn't need to know I was here. I'll just text him that I couldn't make it." You said. She couldn't look at you, she was acting like that because she knew what he was doing. She didn't want you to go back and see it but she didn't know how to really stop you. She just nodded but she couldn't speak, "Is something wrong Y/N?" Ok chimed in amused. "Nothing's wrong at all. I hope you enjoy your day." You smiled and walked off. That smile was purely fake and you could tell she knew it. So what, were both Gi and Ok joining forces to take you out of the picture? Did Gi have feelings for Chanyeol and that's why she was after you? You had no idea what the hell Ok's problem was. She was always nasty to you but you never thought she'd go this far just to get under your skin. What the hell was Chanyeol even thinking? Was the past few weeks just bullshit? You two were sleeping together so it wasn't like he could use the excuse that he wanted and needed to touch you but you were never around. Fuck him. Fuck all of them. You made it through the entire day without spilling one tear. Tao had asked you multiple times why you weren't talking as much but you just shook your head. He could tell something was wrong and he probably knew what was up but he didn't ask. It was the unspoken agreement to not talk about your relationships. When you two were in the elevator, he hugged you. He denied everyone the chance to get on the elevator with each stop and he didn't let you go until you got downstairs. Never once did he ask you while holding you what was going on he just...held you. His chest was warm and comforting and you partly didn't want him to pull away from you but you didn't hold onto him tighter you just let him go. He kissed your forehead before the elevator doors opened and you two walked out. Ok was standing there waiting for him, "There you are sweety." she cooed. "What the hell are you doing here Ok, we broke up." he said annoyed. You had already walked past her but when you heard that you stopped in your tracks to look back at him surprised. He looked at you for a second then back at her. She was placing her hands all over him, "I know baby but by now you should realize that's a huge mistake." Ok said. She started to whisper something in his ear and you could see Tao's eyes shift to you again then back to her. She nods but you start to turn around, "Y/N don't go outside." he called after you. You stopped and sighed, "Why not?" He just shook his head, you rolled your eyes and continued to head for the door. "Y/N stop I'm serious! Don't go out there." he called after you. You still kept moving, he caught up to you and grabbed your arm. To pull you back in but you yanked away from him. "What is it? What could she have possibly done that's worse than she already has?" You said angry. Tao looked at you pleading, "Please just don't go out there right now. Let your ride come in to get you. You can take the back way out." You scoffed and walked out of the building. Tao kept calling your name but you were already out side. There were pictures flying in the air and posted every where out front of you and Tao and you and Chanyeol. There were pictures of you in your underwear and everything had slut written across it. The pictures of you and Tao were clearly photoshopped because you two never kissed on the lips but even you had to admit it was very convincing work. The photos of you in your underwear and with Chanyeol were real though but they were on his phone. You told him hundreds of times to delete those and he said he would. You just stared down at all of the stuff around you. People were walking by looking at the pictures then you. The press had already shown up and were in both you and Tao's face asking you questions. Tao tried to urge you back into the building so that they couldn't get to you. You looked back to see Ok who was still standing inside but she was smiling evily at you. This wasn't going to look well for the company or for you for that matter. Tao grabbed you begging you to come back inside but you pushed away from him and pushed past all the people crowding your way. Sehun had just pulled up to the curb but before he could get out you jumped into the car. "What's going on?" "Drive, just go I don't want them seeing you too." You said quickly. Sehun pulled off carefully but quickly noticing your discomfort. You were panting irritated and hurt and exhausted. "Fuck!" You yelled beside him. Your eyes watering up, how the hell did she even get those pictures? She probably had Gi get them for her. She was obviously out to get her too. What the fuck was happening? "Sehun can I stay with you tonight?" you said angry. "Sure but Y/N what's going on?" "I just don't want to see anyone right now I honestly just feeling like dying. Everything is just crashing down around me in the span of a day. " She must've been planning this for a while. This was too organized, she was too confident in everything. You were shaking you were so angry. Sehun pulled up to his place and you two headed inside. By habit you just started taking off your shoes and your suit jacket. You were unbuttoning your shirt like it was filthy and you just needed to get out of it. Sehun had headed straight for his bedroom and came back tossing you one of his shirts. He could tell you were really distraught, you turned from him dropping your dress shirt and quickly covering yourself with his shirt. It smelled like laundry soap. You turned back to him and he brought out a pair of shorts for you. "I don't think your shorts will fit, you remember last time I walked around they kept falling down." He nodded, "These are actually yours from the last time you stayed over. I kept meaning to bring them back to you but I kept forgetting. You didn't seem to remember you even left them so I kept them here on the off chance you might stay over again." he explained. You changed into the shorts and piled your clothes together, he took them from you so he could wash them. "Jongdae will be here a little later so if you want to sleep you can take the bed in my room. I'll stay out here." he called to you. You went to his room and sat on the bed but you couldn't sleep. Instead everything that you had held in was finally pouring out. You were trying to not cry loudly but either he heard your sniffles or he came into check on you, Sehun saw you crying anyway. He made his way over to the bed and sat down in front of you. "Y/N what's wrong? Did something happen with you and Chanyeol again?" he asked. You cried harder and he wrapped his arms around you to hug you and get you to calm down. Everything you two had gone through, how hard you two were fighting just to keep the relationship alive. Every word he sang in his song. Every pang of jealousy, every fight, every time you two said I love you. All of it surged through your head. All of it you had endured because of a promise to always be his but you weren't his anymore. You never wanted to be again. You were so angry at him, even if it was Gi and Ok trying to set him up to hurt you he should've known better. He shouldn't have let her get close and he sure as hell shouldn't have been fucking her in his work place. It was the reason why you couldn't trust him even though you wanted to. It's not like he could avoid seeing her on a regular basis and now you knew you were right not to trust him. You were able to mutter out curses through your tears as Sehun rocked you back and forth, "I fucking hate him so much." you cried. He shushed you and pet your head till you calmed down. He pulled away from you and said, "Do you wanna grab my butt?" That made you chuckle and you wiped your eyes as you said, "Thanks but maybe later." He gave you a small smile, "He cheated on me again, with the same girl. I don't understand what's going on with him. He wanted us to be together. I don't get it, why is he doing all of this?" "I don't know." he said lowly. "I'm just so tired of it, I can't deal with it anymore. To top it off Tao's girlfriend and the bitch he's sleeping with are somehow working together to screw with me. They photo shopped some pictures of me and Tao kissing. They even got private photos from Chanyeol's phone and posted them everywhere with the word slut written across them." "Wait so that's what that frenzy was at your job?" "Yeah. It was all orchestrated by her I know it was. She told Tao right in front of me and he tried to get me to stay inside but I wouldn't listen. I kind of wish I had. This is going to get me fired. Mr. Huang is a professional and whether or not I did those things isn't going to matter it causes bad attention on the company." "Well, I know Gi was furious that Chanyeol kept denying her advances but she kept talking about how the two of them were hooking up even when you two sort of got back together. I know that wasn't true though. I'm surprised they even started hooking up again. What does Tao's girlfriend have against you?" Sehun asked. "The fuck if I know. She's always been hateful towards me but this is way beyond anything I thought she would do. I don't know maybe she was upset that me and Tao were getting along. She was nasty to me even when me and Tao were warring against each other. All I know is this- I don't want see his face again. I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago... I'm leaving him." Sehun observed your face, you couldn't believe you said it but even more so you couldn't believe how serious you were about it. You didn't want to be with someone that could hurt you like that, repeatedly. No, hell no. He wasn't going to just make you love him only to break your heart again. It was just too exhausting trying to keep a relationship like that alive. You were right, things could never be how they used to be. Things were never going to be the same again. "I'll call one of my brothers and see if I can stay with them tomorrow." "Y/N neither one of them live in Seoul you know that right?" You nodded, "I can't stay here. It's not like I'm going to have a job tomorrow anyway. I just need to start over and find something else, I can't stay." "What about everything you've worked for. I mean you finally became a designer you're just going to give all that up?" "Sehun I don't have a choice. They're going to fire me anyway to protect the image of the company. There's no point, she did all of this to break me down-" "So you're just going to let her win? Y/N you should've left him when I told you to. He's taken all the ambition out of you. Where's the will power, where's the fighting spirit?" "I'm tired of fight Hun. I'm so exhausted... all the time. I'm fighting to keep my relationship alive. I'm trying to keep my friends close, I'm trying to fight to get to the top of the fashion company. I am so. Sick. Of fighting, there's just no fight left. I'm done. I'll never be the same way I used to be. I held onto him for so long because I loved him; he was the first man I've ever slept with, he was the only man I've ever slept with. I loved him that much and he obviously loved me so little that he couldn't even show me the simple courtesy of not sticking his dick in anything that had a hole." He became quiet and you sighed, you were just frustrated with everything. Your entire life was going to hell in a hand basket and you just wanted out. Sehun pulled the blanket over you and then laid next to you on top of the covers. He wrapped his arm around you and was about to tell you something before your phone started buzzing. Chanyeol was calling you. You turned off your ringer but kept the phone on because you needed the alarm. He could call you all the live long day. You didn't care anymore... You two were done.
about damn time that she leaves Chanyeol!! But I hate Ok and Gi😠😠 aahh this is so good!!
... yeah a start over. that's what she needs... even after all that hard work she /I still loose everything... life is so hard!! 😭😭😭
So the ex b*txh is trying to sabatosh our main character hard work. Let that be me and I would.........
all that hard work. well forget u Chanyeol. how could u. Gi and Ok neec some major a$$ kicking
@QueenLee no I don't I'm sorry lol πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚
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