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K-pop edits #2
For @PrincessUnicorn I hope you like them! I made both and I kept them the same theme :)
I have decided to take requests so If you would like one please comment: (Limit of 4) I would tag you as soon as I finish making them If you would like to be tagged please comment as well tags: @JackieG1617
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@Miss148 oh and since you're taking requests can I request Baekhyun and Jin? ^.^
a year ago·Reply
@PrincessUnicorn Yep no problem :)
a year ago·Reply
Can you tag me? Can you do one of SHINee's Jonghyun if you have time please?
a year ago·Reply
@AmberRelynn I'm so sorry I answered late! And yes I will do one for you ^^
a year ago·Reply
id like to be tagged and if you want to make me some shinee ones or minho i wouldn't be mad lol
a year ago·Reply