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One piece Top 10
I've seen a couple of these around Vingle, so I decided I could do one myself! Like a couple people have said, I'm impressed with One Piece lately and I've been really addicted to it
10. Coby
9. Doflamingo
8. Shanks
7. Mihawk
6. Sabo
5. Luffy
4. Eustass Kid
3. Law
2. Marco
1. Ace
So tell me what you guys think, and your top 10 One Piece characters
Haha! I've only met one other person (besides myself) that actually likes Kid!! 😁
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He's hot so I don't know what other people are doing *hair flip*
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@MissHitachiin @doggyrainbow88 OMG IM NOT ALONE!!!!
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