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Sorry it's a day late again! but here we are with the WW school edition! This was kind of achool tough one to pick for since there achool so many great school waifus! bit I came down to achool decision finally. I thought achoolrebout doing all the girls from the newly released anime ReLife but decide to only choose one... and I picked..
Chizuru Hishiro! I won't spoil anything about her in case you haven't watched it yet! She is crazy smart and by that I mean school/book smart, she kinda lacks in the common sense area and definitely lacks in showing emotions and compassion. And SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SMILE ANYMORE! If you really want to know what I mean either look through these photos or better yet watch the anime! You will not regret it!!
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I binged the anime in a single night and then read the remaining story thus far online, and I can't wait for more. New chapter every Sunday. Ugh I hate waiting. It's such a great story, and I have a feeling the writer is going to end it with something insanely sad like how plastic memories ended (I don't believe it's the same writer, but the story development and ending could be similar) I just want more already.
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@AndrewWenstad life saver right here!!