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When idols cry whether its because of happiness or sadness it can't help but pierce the hearts of us fans.
What makes it worse is when they feel like they have disappointed their fans. We all know how very hard they work and assure them of the love and support we will always have for them.


But their happiness will always be our happiness and nothing can beat those moments for all of us. <3
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The saddest thing about this is that they apologize to us because they feel like they are not "enough" or have given "enough". Which breaks my heart... 💔 They have given more than enough, but still are not being recognized how they are supposed to be for it. I remember when Wonho cried during the end of RUSH era on V Live before they were rarely known because they felt really apologetic towards the fans (monbebe) so they stayed up & were still talking to us @ 2am. That's also when on Twitter #SmileMonstaX became a trend and MX humbly thanked mbb on Twitter. Then, recently at the concert they cried for the same reason. Man! Are we doing something wrong as monbebe? These guys need to get at least one win... sorry for my ranting...
I feel what you're saying and it kills me that they're feeling so neglected and I feel it too. They have so much talent and it's like nobody pays attention to them. They're seven extraordinary men who have an incredible amount of love for their fans and talent who work so hard to win but for some weird reason it hasn't happened yet. UGHHHH it depresses me so much I just want them to win!! @MonAnnahiX it's okay we can all rant together😅
theyre happiness is my happiness, and when theyre sad im sad 😟 these lil babes need to understand they dont disappoint :c
when ever any idols cry it breaks my heart💔 because they all work so hard😥
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