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So, today is day 1 and this was posted originally by: @biancadanica98
The first korean drama I ever watched was "You're Beautiful" in 8th grade. I watched it after my best friend constantly bothered me about it. But I'm so glad I did. Jung Yong Hwa was my favorite out of the three actors and I cried every time his heart got broken on screen (>.<) It was also the time that I got introduced to my favorite actress, Park Shin Hye. Like, I'm in love with all of her dramas :)
I got busy afterwards, but I watched "Prosecutor Princess" I believe in 9th grade. Then I took a kdrama hiatus... In 11th grade, my other friend made me watch "Misaeng" and I was once again hooked on Korean dramas. He recommended "Pinocchio" after and I was once again very much happy to see Park Shin Hye. But, I also fell for Lee Jong Suk. His acting is on point! This started the domino effect of me watching "Fated to Love You", "The Heirs", "Secret Message", "Bosung: A Cyborg in Love", "She Was Pretty", etc. *If you're a Kyuhyun fan, I highly recommend "Bosung: A Cyborg in Love". It's really weird, but you get used to it :) *If you're a Siwon fan, "She Was Pretty" is so amazing! You'll laugh and cry along with him, I know I did (>.<) *If you're a T.O.P. fan, "Secret Message" is so amazing! You'll love his acting...partially cause he doesn't seem like he's's so cute (/.\)
Now, I'm an incoming freshman and I'm currently stuck on "Doctor Crush". I'm a pre-medicine student so I'm super stoked about this drama. I tried out "Uncontrollably Fond" but it didn't hook me in as much. But I'm willing to try again after all the episodes have come out. I'm also caught up on "W" and let me, no. There's a reason why Lee Jong Suk is my favorite actor. He's just not allowed to be that amazing (>.<)
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Coffee Prince or Boys Over Flowers
I may do this, but I'm gonna wait until next week I'm super busy this week.
@GamerKyumin It's totally fine.
@cindystran @biancadanica98 Oops, sorry, I didn't know! Thanks for telling me :)
@cindystran Me too!
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