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I may have to formally introduce AOMFG/KHipHop to my best friend one day because she's going to a concert with me whether she knows it or not. She doesn't listen to KPop on her own, but I've gotten her hooked on 'Knock Out' by GD&TOP, 'Do You,' by Rap Monster, & 'Mommae,' by Jay Park & Ugly Duck, so she's basically a KHipHopper.
Plus, she never calls people by their real names anyway, so these types of presentations work out perfectly. lmao.
Ladies first, so I'll start with Hoodies.
- The first lady
- Doesn't talk much
- Never in some shit
Bae Park:
- A 30 year old 4 year old
- Probably has a record breaking number of baby mamas
- Wants to date Nicki Minaj & Tinashe
- Mr. Steal Your Grandma
- Exquisite sugar daddy material (he the type to pay for all your expenses at university)
- Has a dick that is, quote, "so solid," end quote.
- Life size chipmunk
- Probably looks so cute when he's mad
- Wants Lady Gaga to show him the body
Black & White:
- Doesn't even say his own name (got Lipton.T to do it.)
- In a constant battle with Salsa to be the best producer at AOMFG
- His good side is the left side (the crip side)
- Eyebrow piercing accents perfect eyebrows
- Looks like a tough rapper, but actually sings
- Is probably related to DJ Wiggle
- Always making beats for this one girl
- Blasian af
- Bae Park's bae
- Always forgotten
- Looks 25 but is actually 40
- Deserves a million hugs & kisses weekly
Actually Handsome Duck:
- Billy goat facial hair
- Plays with himself aka his duck (as seen in the gif above)
- Not in the gif below
DJ Wiggle:
- The one on the right
- Low-key ELO-VE's brother
- Looks like he'd help you carry your groceries
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@SimplyAwkward he really is. 馃槶馃槶馃槶
@DeeInGee he's like a child that you give him hugs and kisses weekly for being cute
the accuracy here 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 poor Halloween always forgotten but probably my fave aomg human besides salsa and jay