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(After training almost all night I learned everything I need to know I was so tired. I look at my clock and I was late.) "Oh my I'm late the princes will be here any minute." (I wash up put on my blue maid outfit and head to the kitchen to fetch the tea.) "Mrs.Nae?" (She must be busy greeting the guests so I decide to make the tea myself. I put the tea on a tray and head to the conference room. I'm do nervous but I take a deep breath and go in.) "Tea my lords". (Pooring them tea I look up to see my friends.) (I wanted to hug them but their royalty and I'm just a maid so after I was done I was about to walk out when I tried breaking the tea pot.) "M..My apologies I clean this up right away". (I say reaching down and picking up the broken pieces of glass. After picking up the pieces I was gonna quickly rush out feeling embarrassed in front of everyone when he grabbed my hand it was bleeding. He takes a handkerchief from his pocket and raps it around my wound.) (Standing their I couldn't help my heart from beating super fast. After he was done I bow then leave out and hurry to the kitchen.) Joshua's Pov "Why is everyone looking at me like that?" (It's obvious you like her Hoshi says.) "What I don't it's just that she looked hurt". (Go check on her hyung show her you care about her we know you do but she doesn't Jeonghan says. We discussed that we had a concert coming up and after everyone was leaving.) End of pov "Wait boys!" (I run up and hug them tightly.) "I'm gonna miss you all don't forget to call me okay?" (We won't they all say before we bid our goodbye. I go to my room and sit down after washing the handkerchief.) (I should really give it back now I went to my door to open it when I see the master.) "Oh master I was just coming to see you". Umm how is your hand? "It's fine thank you..oh here I washed it so it should be good as new". Thank you I'm glad your okay well I should be going goodnight. (He holds my hand and kisses it before leaving. We'll I better get some sleep I have to go shopping tomorrow. I'm glad things are finally lightening up and with that I drift of fast to sleep.) I think this is pretty good do you think this is the start of their love I guess you will have to find out in the next chapter until next time carats Annyeong @selfishmachines @BBxGD @RochelleRose @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99
OMG I love it this is so cute