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I've seen a couple of people do this and so I decided to do it as well.. why not? X3 let's see...
#10 Doflamingo He's the best villain so far. Plus.. who has made luffy nii-chan as angry as Doflamingo has?
#9 Sanji An amazing cook!! he's cool and perverted plus.. he can flyyyy (sky walk) \(≧∇≦)/ He's just so cool. why not love him? X3
#8 Law Honestly... I don't even need to say anything..
#7 Chopper He's FREAKING ADORABLE!!.. erm.. right?
#6 Brook He literally has every characteristic. >3< honestly!
#5 Franky Honestly... If y'all need a reason.. y'all need to go watch/re-watch one piece.. he's SUUUPER cool! X3
#4 Sabo Alright.. Sabo nii-chan DESERVES to be number 4... like.. really... T^T he's made me cry.. but that's not the point... he's amazing and you just gotta love him..
#3 Luffy ....Really need a description for this one?.. I think nooott... Teehee
#2 Ace WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT HIM??... -3- he's hot.... Literally..
#1 Zoro ..excuse my language please.. HE'S FUDGING BAE!!( -3- mine just a btw) HE'S AWESOME!!! SEXY!! AGGHHHH!! *faints*
*wakes up* erm... well that's all for today! pleeeaaasee Like! and comment your top10!! now if you'll excuse mehhh... *looks back at the Zoro pics and passes out* @//@
#8 I agree, Law is my Waifu for lifu xD n I love doffy, really great list, I might do a list sometime xD
@MissHitachiin hai! he has funny characteristics!🙌🙌 I can agree with you! teehee
My #1 favorite is Bon Chan ❤️