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Hello fellow beans!I am here to bring you the greatest khh spam ever!

I had this lovely idea because not everyone knows alot of khh artists so I figured what better way to show you guys than a spam! also i wanted to show you guys some of my favorite artist.

and it will be 3 parts , part one/2 will be pictures part 3 only will be my favorite tracks from the artists listed

and as a little bonus if you see a rapper you like or you want a spam on one particular artist just drop a comment and I'll gladly fulfil your wish

Starting things off the right way with my hilite/cohort fam

Rappers in order of pics: g2 reddy bae free Kzn/okasian (From l-r)Jayallday, bae free, Kzn bae free again x2 (not because I'm biased or anything lol) Paloalto being an adorable human Paloalto & Huckleberry p

Reddy & Huckleberry P & keith

still hilite ...cause hilite is life


Above Ordinary Music group aka biggest bunch of hoes

or sometimes a group of children pictured above if your new to these losers: Simon D (main hoe) Jay park (main hoe number2) 였리 (also know as ugly duck) loco (the hubby) gray(the weirdo)


Samuel the bae

Cjamm , Bewhy & Swings aka my life

stay tuned yall cause part 2 is coming shortly!