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what is happening?? whats with #saveohsehun for? shit does anyone know this besides me. y'all im really getting sick and kinda tired of this.... couple days ago y'all said that Sehun is gay and all that...wait why does everything has to deal with Sehun....i dont get it
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It comes from the hashtag #savemarinajoyce. It was about how everyone thought this one youtuber was being kidnapped and held hostage but it turned out that she had schizophrenia or a publicity stunt, but people blew it out of proportion. Now people are making memes and stuff and starting hastags like #saveohsehun or the one that's currently trending is #savejustinbeiber
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I think this save ohSehun is a joke. but there is YouTube star who's been kidnapped and her name is Marina Joyce. People are saying to save her and help her. So yeah! search her up on youtube and read the comments.
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@yaya12 It was a hoax
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whut馃槕 wth is this
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@KpopLifeu really!? I didn't even know. Did she do it for attention or something?
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