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So I was scrolling and I saw this fun themed card that @Boinx came up with. It called Tiny Tots Thursday! {TTT} and instantly this girl came to mind! From the new ongoing anime Amaama to Inazuma I present to you Tsumugi Inuzuka!
She brings adorableness and kawaii to a whole new level! She lives with her father who is a teacher, her mother passed aways less than a year ago when the anime is taking place. I'm not a kid person, I don't really want any however if I had a daughter I would want her to be like Tsumugi!
Im loving every second of this anime and i recommend anyone who isnt watching it to do so now! This is a great idea for a card to show some love to the youngsters in anime. Great idea! @boinx @AimeBolanos @hikaymm @blackoutzj is she kawaii enough to be a daughter of yours!?
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@Assassingod she very well could be I just gotta watch the show first lmao
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@Boinx maybe 馃檮
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@BlackoutZJ Fair enough xD
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@Boinx Wait till you see my Card
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@BlackoutZJ I can't wait
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