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After 3 years, its time the Maknaes voice their opinions about what A.R.M.Y thinks about them...

.....but of course its fake!!! XD

on a serious note, i think its time to give these jokes a rest. i mean they were funny, but they actually have said that they've had enough (just tae though, idk about jimin and kook) and honestly they were hilarious in 2014, but that was 2 years ago. GIVE IT A REST

what do you guys think??

all bts jokes from 2014 needs to be put to rest because it's over used and not funny anymore
As a hardcore BTS fan I wouldn't want any of them to me mad at me for using an old 2014 joke. But like all other fandoms you will have jokes that stick, whether the idol wants them to or not. Sure none of us want to upset them but there is always going to be someone who repeats the joke. Fans that are truly loyal will try not to mention the joke at all but that doesn't mean we can just erase it from our memories. No matter how hard we try they are always gonna be mentioned again at some point. Just my personal opinion.
@SarahHowlter thats so true. cant fight reality but we can support them in anyway possible
Honestly, they're called fandom jokes. As a Shawol of four years, I've lived four years of my life seeing Dibidibidis, Onew Condition, Onew loves chicken, Minho's tall/Jonghyun's flippin short, Taemin with his mushroom hair, not much bout Key cuz he untouchable lol, jokes everywhere, all the time. None of us are complaining because these are jokes people will use, especially if they're new to the fandom and haven't had the chance to laugh at them yet like we have, and BTS is a huge group that's getting new fans every day! Even fans that haven't heard of K-Pop! Of course those jokes will always be used, at least right now, because there's a constant stream of people that've never heard them before that find them hilarious. If they do, don't hassle them for their fun just because you're over it already. The internet loves to ruin others' fun. You say these fans are basically poison to the fandom, but, if you ask me, it's people like those that hate them using jokes that are rude and causing unneeded conflict within the fandom. Deal with the fact these jokes are still a thing because Bangtan's still a group that's constantly growing and gaining new fans.
And ive only heard of v saying he doesnt like alien. But no one has seen proof. So stop trying to get rid of old jokes
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