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This little Celestial Girl absolutely stole my heart whenever I watched Sora No Method! She's always happy, very sweet, caring and adorable! I know a few of you know about how I feel about Lolis aka Tiny Tots, I made a Little Collection Called LOLI-PALOOZA and I think you'll Like the content that I post on it, Any way this is my Sweet Little Noel! I love Her and I hope you guys love her too! @NeckoNecko @hikaymm @Alcides13 @Boinx @AimeBolanos @Watermage @AlexCattura @Assasingod #KawaiiiiNoel #SoraNoMethod #CelestialBeing #MyYoungestDaughter #YouCan'tHaveHer
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@NeckoNecko I'm Glad you love your little Sisters
@JustinMarvell Sora No Method
@BlackoutZJ *group hugs all my little sisters* OF COURSE I WILL MY LOVE ALL MY LITTLE SISTERS NO MATTER WHAT
@NeckoNecko *All* Group Hug Onee-chan
@BlackoutZJ *falls over* OMG I LOVE YOU ALL *holds back tears*