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"Hold up wait a minute yall thought I was finished?"

time for part2 and I'm only just getting started

Don mills aka the lowkey bae

ft. G2

This man here....probably one of my top 5 favorite rappers Owen Ovados aka my love

Nochang the man ft. Blacknut also featuring the bae owen

Nafla & Squad

owen nochang bloo(beautiful gentleman in the Jean jacket)

some more bloo because ...well he's pretty great

a couple of my fave female rappers (missing cl)

Jessi the queen Heize kitti b yezi

Beenzino aka Baezino

Other rappers that I love....still missing a good bit but If i list them all trust me we'll be here all day

Here we have: Xid (basterd bae) zico Dayday &Minsik and Flosik the man who's flows sick

Part 3. aka the insane jams coming soon

damn they be fine
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there goes my bias list
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