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Pairing: Reader X J-Hope
Rated: M
A/N: I do not condone any of this that is taking place in this story. Hope you enjoy. Also thanks guys for your patience. Sorry it took so long for an update.
I woke up it was dark I had a hood on my head. I can see barrels of fire through the hood. The room smell like mildew. I could here rats squeak. If I could guess I was an abandon warehouse or factory. I hear a man’s voice say, “Oh sweet check you’re awake.” He reeked of cigarettes. Then a different man came in and said, “He took the bait. “ He takes the hood off and tape off my mouth.
“What do you want? Why did you kidnap me?”
“We need to get you here as a hostage. Your boyfriend will be here soon.”
“He won’t come. We not even together.” I try to bluff my way through.
Then I heard a very familiar voice. “Hey baby girl, its daddy. Did you miss me?
I was frighten at the site of him. I slightly studded out Ho-How did you get out of jail?”
“Oh yeah, that judge I bribed and black mailed him. As for what I want, I want you. You think that bastard can save you? If so you thought wrong. You belong to me” He said.
I don’t belong to you. Never have, Never will. He slaps I spit blood from my mouth. I start to laugh. This pisses him off more.
“Let me show you”
He grabs by my hair and forces me to kiss him. I try to pull away but he had a tight grip on my hair. He shoved his tongue in my mouth. To get him away from me I bit his lip. It started to bleed. He scream in pain “OW!”
“You Bitch!” He punched me. The force behind his blow cause the chair I was in to tip over. My ears started to ring and I became dizzy. As I am trying to refocus my sight the other two men come in holding Hoseok.
He turns around and says, “Ahh our guest of honor has arrived.
Lying on the ground I yell, “Hoseok you idiot.Why did you come.”
“Yah, Y/N. Baby are you ok?”
“Baby!? She’s not yours. She’s is mine”
“You sick Son of a bitch. Let her go.”
“Tsk Tsk You are not in any position to be making demands and talking shit. Boys get him.”
The two men started to attack him. First, one punch him in the stomach causing him to lean forward in pain. The other one ten punches him in the face making fall on his side. Together they both began to stomp him. He cries out in pain. Tear fall from my eyes.
“Stop it Stop it please!” I scream.
I was ignored. That bastard just stood there delight to see Hoseok in pain. I felt so helpless. He had a huge smile on his face. After a while he told them it was enough. Hoseok face was bloody and bruised. He coughs up blood. “You not so big and bad now.” Hoseok look at him and just laughed. My dad punched him in his face.
Damn am I comedian today. Since I’m so funny today, I’m going to show you the world’s funniest joke. He found joy in his cruelty. He walked over to me and grabs me by my hair. Then drags me until I was in front Hoseok. He turns me over so that I am on my stomach. Hoseok and dad must have had the same thought because Hoseok cried out
"You sick fuck don’t touch her.”
Next I feel my dress being lifted up. I hear his buckle on his belt giggle then the sound of him unzipping his zipper made me cringe. I knew what was going to happen next. I felt a sharp pain it was happening again. As he was moving he was grunting and then started to laugh. All Hoseok could do was cry. I just laid there and sob quietly as I was looking at Hoseok. The pain was unbearable. I gave up on hope.
Laying there I lost all since o time. I felt that he was doing this for house. The last thing I remember is Yoongi and 2 others bursting in. Yoongi and one other came over and beat up the men holding Hoseok collapsed. Yoongi helped Hoseok up. I saw Hoseok use the remainder of his energy to tackle dad off of me. Then I passed out from going in to shock.
When I woke up I was at the hospital. I connected to an IV. I tried to get up but it hurt to move. I call the nurses station and soon after a doctor came in. “Hello I am Doctor Minho. How are you feeling?”
“Ok I’m just sore a lot. Where Hoseok is is he ok? “
“First we need to worry about you.”
“You’re suffered from a slight concussion and trauma. That why your body is sore. Also because of the forced intercourse it caused your body to go into shock. That explains why you loss consciousness. There is something else.”
“Due to fact that you were forced and the amount of stress put on your body you had a miscarriage. “
“Excuse me. That can’t be possible. I wasn’t pregnant.”
“You were you were you were about 5 weeks along. I am very sorry.”
“Umm ok. Can you tell me where I can find Jung Hoseok?”
“He’s in room 210.”
“Thank You”
The doctor leaves the room. That bastard took everything from me, freedom, my virginity, my brother, now my child. I hate that man. How am I going to tell Hoseok?
“Hey how are you feeling?” a voice said.
I look up and it was Yoongi standing by the door. I quickly wipe away my tears.
“Hey what’s wrong?”
“How is crying nothing? Tell me.”
I could never lie to him. He has been like my best friend during this passed month. I am grateful for his help. I told him everything. He sat there and listened.
“So what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know. I hate to see him keep getting hurt. I think I will just leave and try to get Jungkook back on my own. “
“Where are you going to go?”
“I don’t know I will figure out as I go I guess.”
“Are you going to tell him about the baby? He has the right to know.”
“ Yes can you take me to him.
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