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Assassination Classroom

Bye, Bye, Yesterday ~performed by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan I think I'm gonna start off with this one. I really love how all of the openings for this anime were done by the class! I thought it was really cool! I also love how they kind of progressed and matured as the anime went on. This opening was fun, yet also very cool, sad, and fitting to the conclusion of this fantastic anime. It makes me smile and cry all at the same time!

Honorable Mentions

How this differs from my favorite anime OP, I have no idea, but I'll be covering tunes I didn't get to mention or have discovered since then. For more awesome tunes, you can go back and check out Day 31: Favorite Anime OP, and Day 45: Favorite Anime ED.

Akame Ga Kill!

Skyreach ~Sora Amamiya I immediately fell in love with this OP! I featured Liar Mask, the second OP for this anime, in my Day 31 card, but I love them both so much!

Black Butler

Monochrome Kiss ~SID There's something about SID that I just love, and I can't quite put my finger on it... This one was kind of fun because it takes a second to get into the groove, which I think is kinda cool. I like how they kept this one for the second half of the season, but used the second verse instead of the first. (I think this version is sped up a bit, but this is the best I could do! At least it's not in a weird key or something!)

Deadman Wonderland

One Reason ~Deadman Wonder Band feat. fade This OP is so metal and awesome! I love when OPs are clearly written for their respective anime, and this one was just too perfect! (The song was originally entitled Black Hearts and Dollar Signs, but was rereleased with new lyrics and title for the anime. This is the full version of the version that was used for the anime)


Complication ~ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D I love ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D, and I think this is the first song I heard by them! I'm not big on rap, but somehow it's better in another language... And I love how they used the rap breaks to kind of insert the "previously on" bits into the openings for Durarara!! (they put that where the "whoah" is in this video)


Rage On ~OLDCODEX Guess what I just learned! The lead vocalist for OLDCODEX is also the voice actor for Makoto Tachibana, which I find to be pretty friggin cool! I did not expect an opening this awesome when I finally decided to give Free! a shot! Don't knock it til you try it!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hologram ~NICO Touches the Walls NICO Touches the Walls is awesome! I think this was the first song I encountered by them, but I don't think I've found one I DON'T like! This one is such a fun jam, I love it! Period ~Chemistry First, let me express how entertained I was that an anime about alchemy has an OP entitled Period by a band named Chemistry! That aside, this is one of my favorite OPs from FMAB. It kind of has a similar vibe to me to Hologram, but maybe a little less bright. Like with all of these, LOVE IT!

Kill La Kill

ambiguous ~GARNiDELiA High energy and beautiful! And I love how parts of it are kind of in half-time, and the full version has a downward key-change, which you don't hear much, before it changes back up; that kind of gives me chills a little! The first vid is the TV size OP version, and the second is a full AMV so you can see what I mean, if you want.

Naruto Shippuden

Sign ~FLOW FLOW is always super fun, but I think this is my favorite song I've heard by them (I get a lot of them on my ONE OK ROCK Pandora channel). It kind of makes me sad because of what was happening in the story at the time, but I think it's beautiful, and I love it! Moshimo ~Daisuke I wish I could have found a video of the OP because I love how the animation goes with it, but, you know Naruto, they keep them OPs under wraps! This OP is so beautiful! I love this OP so much, I was so sad when I hit the next one, but the next one was a NICO Touches the Walls one, so it's cool!


Goya no Machiawasa ~Hello Sleepwalkers This song isn't really my style, but it really grew on me. It's super jammin, and pretty fitting to the anime, I think. It really gives me the hankering to rewatch Noragami again!

One Punch Man

THE HERO!! ~JAM Project This OP is simply awesome! I included the music video because it's kinda funny and awesome cuz it's like they don't know what to do, but they're so into it, and it's subbed so you can see how perfectly the lyrics suit One Punch Man! I highly recommend you check it out!


Out of Control ~Nothing's Carved in Stone Psycho-Pass has some really cool music, but I chose this one mostly for the lyrics. I mean, just listen to those first few lines: "I would like to show, cut open my skull, look into my head" ugh, chills!


This Will Be the Day ~Jeff Williams, Casey Lee Williams Time to Say Goodbye ~Jeff Willliams, Casey Lee Williams They say find someone who can do both, well Jeff Williams is that awesome. I didn't include any of the scores for RWBY, but they're beautiful, in stark contrast to these rocking openings, and they're all written by Jeff Williams! And Casey's vocals are glorious! If you haven't seen RWBY, you really must check it out! You can find it all HERE!

Shokugeki no Soma

Rising Rainbow ~Misokkasu I love the first OP for Shokugeki, and I'm only a few episodes into this second one, so I don't have much to say about it, but it's more my speed.
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Love the choices!! Me and RazChaosrender absolutely love Assassination classroom, food wars along with many many others <3
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