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My castle ๐Ÿฐ (it a poem or I least I see it as one)
My castle has a hole that is covered with pieces of wood. Slowly the wood is roughing and growing small but the wood is glued to the wall, I can't get them off. Behind does dead pieces of tree there are demons and somewhere in between there's me. She is screaming, "let me in! You need to help me!" but where is the key? The key, the key, the key to the peace I seek? Are they the tears that I shed? Will it be my end? No, do not let them, do not let them come in. The demons will come and haunt me. I want to be free. It's a risk I will take. They will come. But so will she! Me. The true me. Stay how you are. I am at the edge of losing myself. You will if you let them in, they will come out and grab you and you will never be yourself again. I don't want to live in fear, fear, fear, fear. Fear is your friend Fear is my enemy. Fear is what keeps you alive Fear doesn't let me sleep Fear keeps you save FEAR IS PAIN Fear, doesn't let me live. I will not search for a key I will be the key. The darkness will come but so will the light. You will not make it, you are too weak I am weak because I look back to the pain I once felt. That chapter is finished but the feelings are still there. Sad and sorrow that is all I felt. If you look foward you'll be stabbed in the back If I look forward I'll be able to laugh Pain is part of your life I will learn, not run from it You are chained to a rock under water you will not be free The chain is something that you made me believe is there, but I was always breathing fresh air. I will become my true self A butterfly with a one wing that can fly No longer a weak soul. -Mikazuki1
I don't know what to say, I found this in an old journal of mine maybe kinda sucky but If anyone can find out its true meaning then you will have my respects. It's not complex it's right there.
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