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DAY 3 - Your least favorite asian drama?

Ko Dok-Mi (Park Shin-Hye) lives peacefully in apartment #402 at Ocean Village. She rarely leaves her apartment. Since last fall, Ko Dok-Mi has peeped out her apartment at her neighbor Tae-Joon (Kim Jung-San), who lives across from her. Peeping at Tae-Joon has become part of Ko Dok-Mi's daily routine. Her comfortable and peaceful life is shattered, when a group of handsome neighbors appear at her door.
Video game designer Enrique Keum (Yoon Si-Yoon) just came to Korea from Spain. He lives with Tae-Joon. Oh Jin-Rok (Kim Ji-Hoon) lives in apartment #401 with his assistant Dong-Hoon (Ko Gyung-Pyo). Oh Jin-Rok is a web comic writer and begins writing his new comic by observing Ko Dok-Mi. There's also Watanabe (Kouki Mizuta), who moved next to Ko Dok-Mi.
The men has gathered, because Enrique Keum caught Ko Dok-Mi peeping at Tae-Joon.


No offense to any fans of this drama but it wasn't particularly my favorite in the slightest.
I even took a break from watching this drama for a while because it felt like it was dragging and it was annoying. But, I did give it a chance and did finish it but I still wasn't a fan. Sadly...
I thought I would love it because of Park Shin-hye and she was the main reason, I wanted to finish it. It's not a very memorable drama in my opinion, the music was good. That's about the only real thing that stuck out to me in the drama. Besides Enrique's panda hat and the binoculars.
I didn't fell a lot of chemistry between the main leads, but I will admit this is the 2nd drama in my personal opinion where Park Shin-hye's kiss scenes aren't that bad. She did great while acting as usual and for this being the 1st drama I saw Yoon Si-yoon, he was really cute and gave me a great first impression of his acting. He did great. I just wasn't a fan of the cast as a whole.

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what is YOUR least favorite asian drama!

Let me know! ^.^~
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with you i didn't fell a lot of chemistry between the main leads, but I liked it
my least fav was pretty man with iu. it wasn't very interesting and rested on flashbacks for the story to keep moving.
@shelbyhusband I started it along time ago but couldn't continue. It wasn't the greatest from what I saw. But I didn't want to pick a drama that I didn't finish because its like judging a drama that I didn't give a chance.
I thought there were so many dramas worse than Flower Boy Next Door.
@JaxomB I choose dramas wisely, I'm picky as to what I watch.