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Okay I'm sorry for that long wait but finally did another chapter if you don't remember from the first chapter here's the link to it:
~ Narrator ~
"Is that what's in those pink bags he brings home? Why does he has those with him?! Does he have a girlfriend ? " all these questions were rummaging through his head. He did another quick glance at mark and left, heading back to the dorm. His mind filled more questions he wanted to ask the other. "Ugh for now I need to take a shower"
~Mark's POV~
*Sigh* "I'm so happy ! I finally got that purse I've always wanted! And I got a discount with those cute lace underwears ! Ah! This is the best day ever!" I was so happy that I had a little jump while I walked to the dorm.
Once I arrived as always I prepared myself for jackson to ask me that question he always asks me but to my surprise he didn't come to ask me, I looked around the dorm and saw no one or even heard them. *sigh* probably left somewhere without me, not that I mind I actually like it now that I can have some peace in here. I went to my room, only to stand there in shock starring at Jackson's bare back with droplets still there fresh from showering, his towel dangerously low. I blushed tomato red when he turned and his towel showed a bit of his crotch!!!! Oh my god!!! I swear I was about to faint! "Umm I'm sorry" and I just closed the door , and ran to the other restroom, turning on the faucet to splash water on my now heated face. That was so embarrassing !!!!!!!
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Okay this is the second chapter I wanted to see if you liked it or not or anything else. Sorry again for the long wait too. And sorry if it's short too