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(It was like any other day serving the young master but the atmosphere felt softer than normal. It was now breakfast time and I was running a little late.) "Sorry to keep you waiting master". (I have a seat then start to eat.) Yui I'm going to practice for the upcoming concert wanna tag along? "Most certainly I'll go get changed". (I excuse myself then head to my room quickly changing into my regular clothes and heading out.) Yui you look just wonderful. "Thank you master shall we get going?" Time skip Hyungs I'm here. (Joshua they all yell in unison then I step from behind the young master and am instantly embraced by everyone. They let go and I watch them practice very nice.) "You all we're amazing especially you master here's everyone water". Joshua's Pov (Her eyes lit up when watching me dance it's like she was living a fairytale and her smile is like nothing I've ever seen I love her.) "Hey Yui can I speak to you?" Sure excuse me everyone...what is it master. "I wanna tell you something". Sure what is it? "I think I...(Yui!!!) I'll be right their. (She turns on her heels when she was about to fall I catch her. We stayed in that position staring into each others eyes as our faces inch closer. (Hey yui you...oh I'm sorry for interrupting.) I guess I should see what they want. (With that she walk back into the practice room I scratch my head then enter again.) "Alright lets go again then call it a night". End of Pov "It's was so nice to be here but we must be going master". (I hug everyone before we leave. After we make it back I was heading to my room but I had a question.) "Master why did you decide to take me with you?" Their your friends and you won't get to see them much so I take you everywhere with me I don't like anyone feeling sad. (He really cares about me.) "Thanks so much" (I say kissing his cheek before saying goodnight and closing my door.) (Today was great well I'll go shopping for food tomorrow.) Next chapter will be much better I promise anyway until next time stay wonderful carats @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
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